Review: DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10 Ends In A Heartbreaking Twist

DC’s Stargirl season 2 episode 10 kicks off with the aftermath of Pat and Barbara’s lying to Courtney and the rest of the JSA, and then ends in a heartbreaking twist.

The episode starts off in the past, with Starman explaining to Pat just how much he means to him, and that he regrets killing Bruce Gordon, even if it seemed like the only way to stop Eclipso. In the present Courtney is furious at Pat and Barbara for lying to her, but before they can really get into it The Shade shows up, still very badly hurt.

DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 10 Ends In A Heartbreaking Twist

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He tells them that there is an exception to every rule, and fears that he is dying. But before he did so he wanted to let them know of a way to stop Eclipso. Even though he is currently free from the diamond and not in a host body, there is in fact a way. If they put the Black Diamond back together, being careful not to touch it, it would lock Eclipso back inside.

At first Pat does not want to trust him, blaming him for the JSA crossing a line those years ago, but when Barbara explains that he saved her from Eclipso, he decides to agree to help. Pat thinks that Jenny, the new Green Lantern, will be able to help them put it together and he happens to have an idea of where she is. Him and Courtney go, leaving Beth to watch over Mike, Barbara, and The Shade, since her goggles can see when Eclipso is around and altering their surroundings.

Charles McNider is able to communicate with Beth again and explains to her how The Shade got his powers. It seems he was a conman and a thief in the 1800s when the Men of Tears came to him asking hm to find them the Black Diamond. Instead, he made a fake, but this all backfired on him. They were interested in the diamond to perform a dark ritual and summon Eclipso. Since the diamond was a fake it opened a door to the shadow world, but the diamond was not able to contain it. That door went inside of The Shade, making him a connection between the Earthly realm and the shadow realm.

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McNider also tells Beth that he thinks The Shade was trying to pull him to safety when he accidentally got trapped in the shadow world. He doesn’t believe The Shade is as bad as they think he is, and feels he never wanted to kill the JSA.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Pat arrive at their destination, which is the JSA safehouse. They are in the workspace he shared with Starman when they find papers about Todd Rice, Jenny’s brother, and his location – a rehabilitation center. When they arrive they discover that Jenny is there, but Todd is not. The head nurse says he just disappeared, and Jenny is determined to find him. After the three leave the nurse, Louise Love, makes a phone call to a man. She tells him that Todd has a sister but not to worry, she said he was not there, and she doesn’t think Jenny will be back.

Back at the workshop, Jenny uses the power of the ring to put the diamond back together. At the same time, The Shade is healing, and Beth has discovered something unexpected in the files the goggles are showing her. Putting the diamond back together does not trap Eclipso – it reconnects their world to the shadow world, thus giving The Shade back his powers, and summoning Eclipso.

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Eclipso shows up at the workshop where Pat, Courtney, and Jenny are. He throws Pat out of the way. Courtney has the staff with her however it is still not working. Jenny uses the powers of the ring against Eclipso, but he brushes it off easily, knocking her out. He then sucks Courtney into the shadow world, where he sent Cindy. Pat grabs her arm trying to save her, but it is too late.

Back at the Whitemore’s house, The Shade apologizes for deceiving them. It should also be noted that Mike snuck out of the house to work on S.T.R.I.P.E. and in doing so learned that Thunderbolt has found a new home. He arrives there and sees a house made of candy.

With just a couple of episodes of the season left, there is sure to be a big fight coming. Courtney is now in the shadow world along with Cindy and Charles, so fans can expect them all to cross paths at some point. With The Shade having his powers back it is likely he will be off to confront Eclipso, and might even be an integral part in bringing those lost in the shadows back.

Stargirl Season 2, Episode 10


DC’s Stargirl season 2 episode 10 kicks off with the aftermath of Pat and Barbara’s lying to Courtney and the rest of the JSA

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