Review: DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Finale Will Leave Fans Begging for More

DC's Stargirl Season 2 finale gives fans the epic showdown against Eclipso that they have been waiting for, but also sets up for what is sure to be a great season 3. All season long, the big bad has been Eclipso and while the fight against him is pretty great, there is something lacking. Perhaps it is the fact that the battle only takes up a small portion of the episode.

DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Finale Will Leave Fans Begging for More

The season 2 finale starts with the JSA coming together for the fight, and then the fight itself is only about 15-20 minutes. The end of the finale is spent setting up for a season 3 which, in all honesty, is sure to be amazing. However, it just feels strange that after such a big setup for Eclipso, there is not much of a fight in the finale. It seemed a bit too easy to take him out, so maybe he will reappear in the future.

As fans saw at the end of the previous episode, it was predicted that Courtney would be possessed by Courtney and gain the ultimate power. Shockingly, this actually comes true about halfway through the episode, the beginning of which was sent seeing the team assembling to take on Eclipso. Thunderbolt is back and was able to get S.T.R.I.P.E. up and running with a simple wish. Rick has fixed the Hourglass so that he can get his strength for an hour, but he also brings Solomon Grundy to the fight.

The whole JSA is assembling against Eclipso but when he grabs Pat and looks Courtney right in the face, recounting all the terrible things he did, that is when she yells to him that she hates him. Because of the hatred, he is able to move into her body and take her over.

With glowing red eyes, he wields the Cosmic Staff as Courtney and explains she is the only one with the power to control it. He is going to use her body to kill the JSA, take over Blue Valley, and then the world. That is when Starman shows up and grabs the staff, saying two have the power to use it.

While thinking about all of the people she loves, and those that love her back, Courtney is able to fight Eclipso and push him out of her body. It is discovered that Cindy broke Artemis Crock's parents out of jail, and while The Shade was presumed dead, he has since recovered.

Everyone bands together against Eclipso, looking over him as he is weakened. Mike is piloting S.T.R.I.P.E. and Jakeem is commanding Thunderbolt. They all look down on Eclipso and put their powers together to hurt him. Jakeem uses Thunderbolt to wish that Eclipso was toast. So of course he literally turns into toast—although Thunderbolt points out it is a bit burnt.

Courtney and Sylvester finally get to meet. Pat and Courtney are confused because they thought he was dead. He says he will explain later. He also puts Courtney's mind at ease and lets her know he is not there to take the staff back, although he is happy to show her how to use it.

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DC's Stargirl Season 2 sees the passing of the torch for many of the JSA members, not just Starman to Stargirl, and Mike taking over S.T.R.I.P.E. Beth tells Charles McNider that she found his wife for him, and reveals her location.

That is not all though, it turns out his wife was pregnant when everyone thought he died, and he has a ten-year-old son—yes, bring on the tears. He tells Beth that should the world need another Doctor MidNite, they already have one.

Toward the end of the Stargirl Season 2 finale, Cameron's grandparents come to him and tell him they are ready to explain the truth about their family to him.

The Shade is back and here to stay. He says he likes Blue Valley, and will be sticking around. As one of the most interesting characters of the season, it is very exciting to see him stay.

Beth's parents now know that she is a superhero, and the danger that Eclipso put them in has rekindled their relationship. Poor Beth seems to now be dealing with parents who are too involved, instead of not involved enough.

The final shot of the Stargirl Season 2 finale shows that the Crocks have now moved in next door. Season 3 is coming, and it is sure to be an interesting one thanks to the way this season ended. There are a lot of new characters who are likely going to be coming and going. Fans will be eager to see where the story goes next!

Stargirl Finale


Season 3 is coming, and it is sure to be an interesting one thanks to the way this season ended.


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