Review: DC’s Stargirl Season 2×12 Sees the JSA Preparing to Battle Eclipso

DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Episode 12 focuses mainly on the team preparing to battle Eclipso in the finale. Beth gets to meet Chuck in person for the very first time, Courtney tries her hardest to bring Yolanda back to the team, and Mike finally finds Thunderbolt. While this episode is quite slow, with only a shocking reveal at the very end, it is necessary in order to set up the finale of Season 2.

DC’s Stargirl Season 2×12 Sees the JSA Preparing to Battle Eclipso

At the start of this episode, Beth and Jenni are at the other source of darkness that was discovered – the school where that big ISA/JSA fight took place. There is a small, moving, piece of something dark and Jenni fights it with her Green Lantern ring. However, it crawls its way inside and really messes with her throughout the rest of the episode.

When they make it back to Courtney’s house, they are thrilled to see her. Beth is also very excited to meet Charles McNider in person. The two team up to track down Eclipso. He also tells her that thing they found at the school is called afterbirth and was created when Eclipso put Cindy in the Pit to the Shadowland.

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Speaking of Cindy, she and Courtney decide it is best to work together to take down Eclipso so they call a momentary truce. They know they need to build up their team so Pat goes to see Rick’s Uncle about getting him released from jail. Mike is already looking for Thunderbolt, and Courtney tries to get Yolanda back on the team.

When explaining to Yolanda that she is not the first JSA member to kill someone doesn’t work, Courtney leaves disappointed. However, Cindy steps in and plays her like a fiddle. She only has to tell Yolanda that she is now working with Courtney, and Yolanda comes back to the JSA. She says it is so that she can protect everyone from Cindy, who she does not trust.

Mike finds Jakeem but Thunderbolt is nowhere to be seen. It turns out Jakeem wished for Chinese food so it is safe to assume Thunderbolt went to China to get it. Mike explains everything to him and when Jakeem does not want to give the pen back, Mike agrees. However, he says that Jakeem will need to accept the responsibility that comes with it and help save the world.

Things at the hospital do not go as well as Pat planned. He tells Rick’s Uncle that the whole town might suffer if he does not let Rick out of jail but he does not listen. This causes Pat to do something very uncharacteristic. He locks the doors, closes the blinds, and says he can be bad too. The next time we see Pat he is picking Rick up from jail because his Uncle dropped the charges.

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When Charles and Beth find Eclipso, he is in the little boy form. Beth warns him that she sent an alert to the whole team and they are all on their way. He tells her this is a good thing because his plan will only work if they are all there. He wants to find the darkness inside of Courtney Whitmore, and become a God.

Jenni is trying to sleep so she can rest and restore her powers for the big fight, but her dreams are haunted by Eclipso thanks to the residue that got in her ring. In her nightmares, Courtney is standing over the bodies of the JSA members, and when she turns to face the camera, it is clear she was taken over by Eclipso, with a messed-up face and red eyes.

This episode of DC’s Stargirl is very much a setup for the finale of season 2. Aside from the reveal of Eclipso’s plan, there really is not much going on. All the members of the team are coming together for a big fight, that will hopefully deliver. This is by far the slowest, and worst, episode of the season. But it does feel like there will be a decent payoff.

Stargirl (02x12)


This is by far the slowest, and worst, episode of the season. But it does feel like there will be a decent payoff.


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