Review: DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 10 Leaves Gotham In Shambles

DC’s Season 3 of Titans has proven multiple times so far that it is the best season yet. From the upgrade in the fighting choreography, to the much better writing and dialogue, this season cannot fail. Titans shows fans yet again that they are not playing around when it comes to taking risks is Season 3 Episode 10. By the time it ends Gotham is in complete shambles, the Titans are split up, and Barbara Gordon has been arrested. All of this is setting up for what is sure to be an epic final few episodes of Season 3, and we cannot wait.

DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 10 Leaves Gotham In Shambles

Episode 9 took a break from Gotham to show fans what Donna and Rachel have been up to, but now we are back in Gotham and dealing with the repercussions of the poisoned water supply. Fans will remember that thanks to Crane, and a little bit thanks to Starfire, the Gotham water supply has been tainted with a large dose of Scarecrow’s fear drug. And now people are going crazy. They are foaming at the mouth and are extremely violent.

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Crane knows just how to take advantage of the fearful public and releases a video blaming the Titans for the water contamination. This isn’t hard to do as he has footage of Starfire blowing up the barrels that released the drug into the water. At the end of his video he claims that a new hero will rise to protect them and that hero will be Red Hood – and offers up a reward for the capture of Nightwing, dead or alive.

Thanks to the stunt Scarecrow pulled Jason fears the Titans will never take him back because they believe he had something to do with it, so he is back working with him yet again.

The Titans want to help amidst all of the chaos of course, but Dick must stay home as Nightwing is being hunted by the public. The Titans quickly learn that the public has turned against them as well. While they are helping to subdue affected citizens, even those who did not drink the water turn on them, and they must leave to stop things from escalating.

Back at the Manor Dick suggests that they all turn themselves in, hoping it will allow the public to place trust in Gotham PD again. He plots with Barbara to have them arrested, but then pay bail and help save Gotham from the shadows.

Meanwhile, Donna is on her way back to Gotham, but due to the state of the city the National Guard has locked it all down — no one can go in or out. Donna is unknowingly being followed by Lydia, who is not sure exactly who or what has come back from the dead. She wants to study her and run some tests but Donna is eager to get home to Gotham.

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Because of this Lydia says she will run the tests there, and the two are transported to training grounds in the woods where Lydia attacks Donna and tests her reflects. Eventually, Donna bests Lydia and the two talk. Lydia explains she has always pushed Donna because she is part Amazonian and park human — the best of both worlds.

Lydia then leaves and allows Donna to continue on towards Gotham but the National Guard is blocking the way. All it takes is a few bent guns and a flip in the air and they are persuaded to let Donna pass. The last time we see her in this episode she is heading to find the Titans, but is there anything she can do to help at this point?

Before the Titans get to the Police Department to turn themselves in, Red Hood is shown paying off some of the cops. This can’t be good for the Titans, as he doesn’t have the best of intentions at the moment.

From the moment the Titans arrive to turn themselves in, it is clear something isn’t right. The police are all in riot gear and very much on edge and pushy from the start. Almost right away Blackfire gets shot by one of the officers, making Conner furious. All of a sudden there is an all-out brawl and they know they have to get out of there.

Starfire is able to get Blackfire out to the building, but she is losing a lot of blood and things are not looking good for her. The cop that Red Hood paid off pulls a gun and is going to shoot Nightwing, but Barbara shoots him first in order to save Dick.

Beast Boy turns into a tiger and jumps out a window– he is hit by a tranquilizer while on his way to escape but does make it out. Conner and Nightwing disappear as well. Barbara? Well she ends up getting herself arrested because of her actions.

Starfire is able to get Blackfire to safety and attempts to heal her, but Blackfire ends up absorbing and stealing her powers. Blackfire claims this was not on purpose and that it was something Starfire did – perhaps connected to the visions she has been having? Blackfire suggests that the two should figure this all out, but Starfire is visually very upset. She thinks this was the plan all along and leaves Blackfire to go find and help the Titans, even though she is now powerless.

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Conner and Dick are in the undergrounds of Gotham and discuss how they know they cannot go back to Wayne Manor because it is unsafe right now. When Conner says they should spend their time helping the Gotham citizens Dick speaks the harsh truth — Gotham is on its own now. The inhabitants of the city are not only turning on each other, but they are also turning on the Titans, and their priority should be to survive themselves.

Toward the end of the episode, fans see that Rachel is back in town and has found her way to Gar, who is still recovering from being tranquilized. He explains to her what happened with Crane and Jason, and that the police have even turned against the Titans since she has been in the dark about it all.

As for Crane and Jason, they go to Wayne Manor knowing the Titans will not be there. Crane pokes fun at the decor, opens a bottle of booze, and convinces Jason to take a knife to the portrait of Bruce and his parents. Jason takes all his frustrations out on the painting, cutting it to pieces.

This episode allows everything to start falling apart, before it will likely all come together. With just a few episodes of Titans Season 3 left, this a great way to set up for a sure to be epic finale. Donna and Rachel may be back in town but the Titans as a whole are split up right now, and doing whatever they can to survive. No one in Gotham trusts them or the police, and they are looking to Red Hood to save them.

Only time will tell what happens next, but the odds are it won’t be good.

Titans (Season 3, Episode 10)


With just a few episodes of Titans Season 3 left, this a great way to set up for a sure to be epic finale.

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