Review: DC’s ‘Titans’ Introduces Yet Another Villain, Lady Vic, in Season 3 Episode 6

DC's Titans Season 3 Episode 6, titled “Lady Vic” brings another new villain into Gotham. Fans might be excited to see her, but many are also nervous that this means too many cooks in the kitchen, and the story is dangerously close to going completely off the rails.

Also in this episode, Red Hood learns that he is expendable for Scarecrow, and Blackfire lends a hand to Starfire and Beast Boy. Viewers also get to dig into Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon’s past together – at least a little bit.

DC’s Titans Introduces Yet Another Villain, Lady Vic, In Season 3 Episode 6

The episode opens up with Gotham's newest villain, Lady Vic, listening in on a conversation between two state troopers at a diner. They are dating and discussing their plans for the future, which unfortunately for them, never comes thanks to her. Lady Vic takes them out without a second thought, in a grotesque and brutal way, proving that she is not one to be messed with. She then speeds off to Gotham.

DC's Titans
(L-R) Damaris Lewis and Anna Diop | Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

After rescuing her, Gar and Kory bring Blackfire back to Wayne Manor. She spends a lot of time comparing Starfire’s life there, to the one they had on Tamaran — talking about manservants and how the Manor is “quaint”. Blackfire asks if Conner is her manservant, and while Gar and Kory explain that is not the case, there does seem to be something there — especially as the episode goes on, and the two flirt back and forth.

In a flashback, fans get to see how the romance all started between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. She is stealing a vase from a museum and Dick, dressed as Robin, comes in to stop her. They have a bit of a back and forth before she reveals herself to him and then they go out to a bar for a drink. She explains that she is doing this to keep her father on his toes. She says that everyone always thinks of her as her father's daughter, but she wants to be more than that.

ryan potter joshua orpin
(L-R) Ryan Potter and Joshua Orpin | Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

The two decide to break some rules together, and very quickly end up with a lot of heists under their belts. We then see Dick waking up with his bleeding bullet wound from Gotham PD that he got at the end of episode 4. Luckily Kory is there to patch him up because he is losing a lot of blood. Her and Gar are both upset with him for running off and trying to handle Jason by himself, but he just brushes it off.

The Titans aren’t the only team with complications, as Jason is clearly getting on Scarecrow’s nerves. He is ready to get the chemical going now, but Scarecrow tries to explain to him that it is not ready yet – they have to perfect it first. When Jason tries to strong-arm him, Scarecrow decides he needs to show Jason just how expendable he is.

The two go to a medical observation room, where they can watch surgery, and Jason is questioning why they are even there. Before the doctors can start, in comes Lady Vic, brutally murdering all the doctors and nurses, leaving only the patient alive. She steals a medical device and leaves. Scarecrow explains that she has the inhaler of chemicals too, and wants Jason to know that he is not the only one, and he can easily be replaced if he decides to cross him.

Kory and Dick go to the crime scene, but quickly discover that Barbara has blacklisted them from access. Kory tells Dick that she doesn't know what their baggage is — and doesn't want to know — but that he better fix it so they aren't trying to hunt down the villains with one hand tied behind their backs.

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Brenton Thwaites | Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

Dick goes to Barbara and tries to make things up to her. He explains that they need to do this together and be on the same team – just when she is almost convinced he mentions Oracle. She shuts this down, saying it is mothballed for a reason, that she is the only one with access, and that she is not revisiting that monster. This is a hint that of course, we will see Oracle in the future, something fans are surely thrilled about.

Meanwhile, Conner discovers what the medical device is that was stolen — a shortwave positron multiplier. Basically, it can multiply chemicals, and quickly. Clearly this is something that Scarecrow wants his hands on so that he can make more of that inhaler juice, and quickly.

Blackfire suggests they go to the rats of Gotham, and see what they will tell them, but Kory shrugs off the idea, and instead, they go to see the inventor of the device. Good thing too because she is tied up with that same bomb that Hank had in his chest and has just 60 heartbeats left until she explodes. Conner is there and quickly creates the deactivator, saving her life. One thing that feels a bit convenient is that all the pieces to create this device were there, just ready for him to use.

During the craziness, Blackfire runs off, and Kory is concerned she is out murdering people. She isn't. Instead, she is out talking to the scum on the streets in order to find out what Scarecrow and Red Hood might be up to. It seems she wants to help the Titans and her sister, at least for now.

kimberly sue murray
Kimberly-Sue Murray| Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

Dick steals the audio from Gotham PD and analyzes it alongside Gar. They discover enough about the killer for him to realize that it is Lady Vic. Something about this scares him and he calls Barbara, who is not answering. In a flashback, fans learn why. During one of their heists Barbara and Dick crossed paths with Lady Vic and someone who is presumably her boyfriend. Cue an epic fight scene with great cinematography and then her boyfriend is killed. Clearly, she is out for blood now, and that is proven moments later as she tricks Barbara into meeting her in an alley, faking a phone call from Bruce, and the two have it out, yet again.

Another great fight scene later and Lady Vic needs to escape as Barbara has her at gunpoint. She goes to see Scarecrow, who asks her if Barbara is dead. She says no but she got what he wanted — a close-up photo of Barbara's face.

brenton thwaites savannah welch(L-R) Brenton Thwaites and Savannah Welch | Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

Barbara then calls Dick, who comes and escorts her home, even making sure her apartment is clear before leaving. Both of them remember moments they had there, and it is obvious there are still feelings between the two of them, but nothing happens. At least not yet.

Jason, who never thinks before he acts, puts on the Red Hood costume and takes the chemicals forcefully from the scientists who are working on it. He gives it to some low-life criminals, who break into the restaurant where Tim Drake works and his father is shot in the process. This is the first time we have seen Tim since the first episode of the season — perhaps this is kicking off a more reoccurring role for him. The last image fans get in Titans Season 3 Episode 6 is Jason Todd inhaling some of the chemical himself, before putting his hood up and walking away.

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Curran Walters | Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

There is a lot to love about this episode of Titans Season 3, although coming off of that high from episode 5, it seems inferior. The dialogue is much better, and the story seems to be finding its stride, even if it seems to be adding too many characters at every turn. For fans who love action, this episode has a lot of it – and it is all fantastic. There are several brutal battles, complete with stellar choreography, lighting, and weapon use. Viewers also finally get more background on Barbara and Dick's romance, as well as the introduction of yet another villain with Lady Vic.

Hopefully, there are not too many main villains, and the story stays on course instead of getting convoluted. There already seems to be a lot going on with the addition of Blackfire, although her interactions with the Titans have been great so far. She is proving to be one of the best-written characters of the series, along with Jason Todd.

Hopefully, the pieces of the puzzle start to come together, and the story propels forward, before more characters are brought in. Tim Drake is a Robin in the comics, and is likely going this way soon – however, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Titans Season 3 ties up some loose ends before he is thrown into the mix.

Titans Season 3, Episode 6


The pieces of the puzzle start to come together


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