Review: DC’s Titans Explains Blackfire’s History & Sets up for a Big Battle for Gotham

Episode 7 of Titans Season 3 is one of the best episodes of the season for several reasons. This episode dives deep into Blackfire’s past, and why she killed her parents, allowing her to start to mend things with her sister, Starfire. There are also a few romances budding this season, that get a jump start in this episode. It also seems like Jason Todd is starting to wonder if he made the right choice in teaming up with Scarecrow. All of these things, topped off with some amazing action make this episode of Titans a great one. There are still the same issues with the fact that they are underusing Beast Boy, however.

DC’s Titans Explains Blackfire’s History & Sets Up For A Big Battle For Gotham

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At the beginning of the episode, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson learn about the attacks that occurred at the end of Episode 6 after Red Hood stole and unleashed Scarecrow’s drug. The fact that three inhalers led to several deaths means they are worried about what 30,000 of them could do. The two decide they need to find a way to stop this together.

Speaking of Red Hood, he returns to Scarecrow fully expecting him to be fuming mad. Instead, he is calm, cool, and collected. However, he still tricks Jason into using an inhaler he left out that does not have the drug he was expecting it to have in it. Jason passes out and Scarecrow has him tied up like a prisoner for the remainder of the episode.

Before he passes out, Jason has let Scarecrow know about a meeting the Gotham crime bosses are holding to discuss what Red Hood has been up to. Scarecrow attends the meeting and reveals to him that he is the one behind it all. He is able to bring them all back on board and tells them to get ready, the war for Gotham starts tonight.

Starfire decides to make a deal with one of the crime bosses to see if she can figure out where Scarecrow and Jason are and what they are up to. In exchange for her help, she requests that Starfire and Blackfire bring her son to her, claiming she wants to keep him safe. Instead, as soon as he enters her house she shoots him and reveals that he was working for the FBI. She says she had no choice.

Starfire is so angry that she uses her powers to literally burn the crime boss alive. This is where her and Blackfire start to bond because Blackfire reveals the real reason she killed their parents – and how she was given no choice. When Starfire did not return from Earth, the whole planet turned against her. Their parents were willing to kill her to restore peace, and Blackfire’s only option was to kill them.

Meanwhile Dick goes to see Barbara and convince her to use the Oracle, saying that there is no other way to track down Scarecrow as quickly as they need to. She reluctantly agrees, and they are able to trace a call that he is making and where he is located because he speaks the address – pretty convenient, right?

(L-R) Brenton Thwaites and Savannah Welch | Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

Conner and Dick get to the address and it is a lead-lined van in a parking lot that Conner cannot see into with his x-ray vision. This is clearly a setup and fans watching them do this are sure to get frustrated with them. Inside the van is a tied-up man with a bomb in his chest, only this one has been modified and Conner cannot disarm it. It explodes, killing the man, but Dick and Conner are not harmed.

Barbara and Dick discover that Scarecrow has somehow hacked into Oracle – fans know this is from the photo that Lady Vic took of her face. Against Dick’s wishes, Barbara destroys Oracle. However, they are still able to use brainpower to figure out who the man is that was killed – a power worker in Gotham. This is all part of Scarecrow’s plan and of course, they are able to narrow it down to a small radius. Ultimately Starfire calls them with the missing piece of the puzzle and they head to Snowy Cones Ice Cream Factory.

Starfire ends up giving Blackfire back her gauntlets, which transform into her suit. This is one of the best scenes in the episode, and is done really well. It looks amazing as it forming, but also when it is complete on Blackfire. Conner seems to agree and it is clear these two are going to have a thing going.

The Titans show up at the Ice Cream Factory ready to fight and they are able to destroy the drug, and knock out quite a few of the bad guys, but Scarecrow and Jason get away. Scarecrow is visibly shaken by this. He had Jason tied up at the ice cream factory and is now on the run with him. It certainly seems like Jason is starting to realize he might be backing the wrong horse here.

At the end of the episode, the team is celebrating with a few beers. Barbara says she is leaving, but finds herself in Dick's room. When he comes in to talk to her, she asks him if he wanted to leave the other night. Before he can answer, she says she didn't want him too — and the two kiss. Gar is seen showing up at Molly’s apartment after he finds a letter she sent Jason.

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 has one of the best action scenes of the season so far – which is surprising because it doesn’t include Red Hood who has stood out all season. Every character in the fight was able to shine at least a little, and it was great to see Blackfire working with the Titans and her sister. The biggest let down is that Beast Boy is yet again side barred, and doesn’t turn into a new animal, or even the green tiger. Krypto does get in a few blows though, so that is fun.

With Scarecrow and Jason on the run, and Jason clearly rethinking things, there is sure to be a fight for Gotham sooner than later. But will the outcome be? Fans will have to wait a little bit longer to find out.

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DC’s TitansSets Up For A Big Battle For Gotham


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