Review: ‘Disney Princess Magical Worlds’ Shows Readers a Whole New World 

Step into Disney Princesses’ most magical and memorable places in the aptly named Magical Worlds picture book. From Ariel’s undersea grotto to Jasmine’s City of Agrabah, Moana’s village of Motunui to Pocahontas’ journey around the river bend, each full-color page is filled with fun little surprises to delight young readers.

Disney Princess Magical Worlds Shows Readers A Whole New World 

Disney Princess Magical Worlds Magical Worlds is designed for readers 3 and up, but it is definitely designed for readers who are still learning the names for everyday items like “bananas,†“fish,†and “guitar.†I was thrilled to see that all of Disney’s most beloved princesses are included — like Pocahontas, Mulan, Snow White, and Aurora.

The book was designed by Catalina Castro and Margaret Peng, with gorgeous illustrations by Nicoletta Baldari. Baldari manages to capture the whimsy and wonder of each of these magical locations, recreating familiar animation styles while providing her own unique style to each scene. The colorful pages will keep little readers engaged and looking for new things to point out with each new read-through.

Each vignette not only teaches new and unfamiliar words (like “dates†or “candelabraâ€) but they also provide sweet little anecdotes about each of the princesses and what they went through in their own stories. On Snow White’s page, she carries a delicious-looking gooseberry pie to the table as the seven dwarves mill around their house in various states of bashful, sleepy, and grumpy. Her story highlights that she found a home and friendship with the dwarves when needed a place to stay.

Whether your little one is obsessed with Disney Princesses or you’re looking to add new vocabulary to their at-home reading, Disney Princess Magical World is a magic carpet ride to a whole new world of fun.

Disney Princess Magical World is out now. 

Disney Princess Magical Worlds


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