Review: Drinkmate’s Carbonated Drink Maker Puts Bubbles Into Almost Anything

I am a carbonated beverage aficionado.

In fact, I probably have a can of sparkling water a day (or two if it’s going to be a day), so I jumped at the opportunity to test out an at-home beverage carbonator. Imagine a world where you can add a little bubbly to all of your favorite beverages?

Are You Ready to Put Bubbles into Everything with Drinkmate?

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Most carbonated drink makers warn you against trying to carbonate beverages that aren’t water. Still, Drinkmate is designed to allow you to turn your favorite fruit juice, alcoholic beverage, and even iced tea into a deliciously sparkling delight. 

When you pick up your very own Drinkmate, the instruction manual may feel a little daunting, but rest assured, the Drinkmate is actually really easy to use. Be sure to thoroughly clean out the bottle before pouring in your drink of choice and handle the CO2 canister with caution. Both of these steps are also mentioned in the guide. 

One of the nicest aspects of the Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker is its very slim profile. Unlike some countertop kitchen appliances that are unnecessarily bulky, the Drinkmate will easily fit between your coffee maker and blender with room to spare. It measures in at 8 x 5 x 16 inches, and it happens to be very lightweight, which is a bonus! 

Another perk of the Drinkmate that sets it apart from other carbonators is that there’s no electricity or batteries required to make a bubbly drink. Simply fill the bottle, press a button, and infuse your drink with all of that carbonated goodness that La Croix and Bubbly have gotten us hooked on. I was very impressed with how easy Drinkmate made it to add a little extra kick to a water glass. While I won’t quite be kicking my addiction to La Croix any time soon, I am very excited to experiment with different beverages now that Drinkmate has given me the power to carbonate them. 

The Drinkmate Carbonated Drink maker comes in three colors (red, black, and white) and runs for around $100 at most retailers. Replacement 1LT bottles come in matching colors for $20, and you can purchase additional CO2 canisters directly from Drinkmate (and they also offer CO2 rebates and a convenient exchange program.)

If you're looking to splurge on a Drinkmate Home Carbonation System, I would also suggest purchasing a Drinkmate instaFizz. The instaFizz makes it incredibly easy to create carbonated beverages on the go. Just watch the video below to see how the product works.

With summer just around the corner, I am already planning to try out the Drinkmate No-Hangover Skinny Cocktail. What could be better than infusing the already delicious NEFT Vodka with bubbles and lime?

Pick up your very own Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker today!

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Drinkmate Carbonated Drink Maker


Cost Efficient


Easy to Use


Bubbly Quality



  • Carbonates more than just water
  • Compact design
  • No cords or batteries


  • It's handwash only

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