Review: Is Shaker33 the Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition?

Shaker33 promises to be the best cocktail shaker since Prohibition, but does it live up to the test? After all, that’s nearly ninety years of cocktail shakers that it claims to be better than. 

Is Shaker33 the Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition?


Back in 2015, Shaker33 started as a Kickstarter that garnered over $30,000 of support to bring it into reality. Since then, it’s flourished among at-home bartenders. The plan was to create a cocktail shaker that would… shake things up. The patent-pending design featured a modern, sophisticated design, that fixed some of the common complaints with cocktail shakers. 

Namely, it's leakproof, easy to open, and designed for smooth pouring. In those regards, it might be the best cocktail shaker since Prohibition. Seriously, when you search “cocktail shaker” one of the number one suggestions is “cocktail shaker stuck.” 

And who among us hasn’t made a mess with the classic metal cocktail shakers? 

Shaker33 comes in three main colors: clear, frosted, and black, with interchangeable color strainers, all of which function the same way. But if you enjoy making colorful fruity concoctions, you'll want to steer clear of the black version, so you can show it off. The materials used to create the Shaker33 are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, shatterproof, and it chills your drink without freezing your hands.

Shaker 33 1

I tested out the Shaker33 while making a fruity drink with some delicious Old Man Liver whiskey and it does, in fact, just as well as it’s advertised. It’s easy to use, didn’t leak anywhere, and allowed me to smoothly pour out my beverage. 

The top is very leak-proof, meaning it’s difficult to pry off. The inner piece requires a little extra attention to get loose. Both of which are good things, considering it keeps everything in place, but it does make it a little tedious to use the first few times. 

While I do believe Shaker33 will find its place among amateur bartenders and those looking for the perfect at-home shaker, I am not convinced the Shaker33 will make a home at your local bar. It takes a little bit longer to use than the classic shaker, which wouldn’t work in the fast-paced environment of a local bar. 

Shaker33 is $30 which is about par for the course with its metallic counterpart. 



A perfect gift for an armature bartender

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