Review: ‘Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse (A Visual History)’

Magic: The Gathering is a tabletop card game that was first released in 1993 and now, nearly 30 years later, boasts over 35 million players worldwide. Abrams ComicArts has immortalized the storied multiverse in a gorgeous visual history in the upcoming Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse by Jay Annelli.

Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse (A Visual History) 

Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse
Annelli has carefully and diligently created a must-have visual history for the most avid Planeswalkers, providing insightful information into the world of Magic: The Gathering. His detailed primers are paired with beautiful original artwork, reproduced for the first time outside of card frames. This new collection offers exclusive insight into the art and mythology of the most popular and enduring locations — and all of the characters that inhabit them.

The visual guide offers a glimpse into the history behind lore-defining events from the Phyrexian Invasion to the War of the Spark. It also features character profiles for Theron, Narset, Chandra, Vraska, Sorin Markov, and other fan-favorite characters that Planeswalkers will instantly recognize.

Unlike larger visual guides, the full-color hardcover Planes of the Multiverse is easy to fit into your backpack or bag to take with you to conventions or meet-ups. The guide is filled with 256 pages of flawless art, showcasing the fantastical creatures and characters that have made Magic: The Gathering what it is today.

If you are an avid Magic: The Gathering player or looking to brighten the life of your favorite Planeswalker, then you won’t want to miss out on Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse. It’s the perfect primer to your MTG-filled life.

Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse (A Visual History) is out on August 24th. Order it today! Take a look inside: 

MagicTheGatheringPlanesOfTheMultiverse p009a scaled
Theros Key Art/Tyler Jacobson
MagicTheGatheringPlanesOfTheMultiverse p062a
Rally the Forces/Steven Belledin
MagicTheGatheringPlanesOfTheMultiverse p077a
Thunderbreak Regent/Jason Rainville
MagicTheGatheringPlanesOfTheMultiverse p086a
Grixis Key Art/Paul Bonner
MagicTheGatheringPlanesOfTheMultiverse p128a scaled
League Guildmage/Svetlin Velinov

MagicTheGatheringPlanesOfTheMultiverse p239a scaled
Merciless Resolve/Chase Stone

Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse


The Perfect Primer for Planeswalkers


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