Review: Marvel’s ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ (#10)

Cavan Scott’s Star Wars: The High Republic is back with another thrilling installment as issue #10 kicks off at the Nihil Warcloud on Xais, where Keeve Trennis and Terec have gone undercover. 

Marvel's Star Wars: The High Republic (#10)

The High Republic Issue 10 Cover In a gutwrenching turn of events, Keeve and Terec are faced with a daunting challenge—reveal to the Nihil that they are Jedi or sit idly by as their former ally, Myarga the Hutt, is tortured and killed. Of course, the Jedi take the high road and attempt to dissuade the Nihil from torturing the Hutt, but before they can stop the Nihil Myarga reveals that Keeve and Terec are Jedi, effectively sealing her own fate and putting Keeve and Terec in serious danger. 

Enter Lourna Dee who is not dead—as the Jedi believe—and a little too excited to face off against Keeve. With the Hutt dead and no longer distracting Keeve with her suffering, Lourna Dee asks Doctor Uttersond to wheel in a mysterious box that effectively neutralizes both the Jedi, as well as Ceret who is telepathically linked to Terec. 

“What’s in the box?” Is a very excellent question and one that made me laugh—for reasons—but also made me terrified to learn what new technology the Nihil have acquired to make the Jedi’s lives a living hell. I know that Keeve will have an unfortunate end, at some point, thanks to Dooku: Jedi Lost, but this issue really made me worry about her safety and wellbeing. Cavan Scott, what are you doing!? The last panel, featuring Ceret’s reaction to whatever they’re sensing, is eerily familiar to the recently illustrated final moments of Loden Greatstorm and I am… very scared to read issue #11. 

The High Republic series continues to be not only exemplary Star Wars storytelling, but an integral piece of The High Republic universe. I implore anyone who is reading the mainline novels to read the comics—both Marvel and IDW. The High Republic comic books, in particular, help to really flesh out the galaxy in between the major incidents in the novels, as well as shedding new light on elements of the recently released Tempest Runner audio drama. Each of these individual avenues of storytelling are undoubtedly leading to something spectacle and everyone should be reading them. 

As always, Cavan Scott crafts a masterful story that is brought to life with the gorgeous artistry of Georges Jeanty and the colorwork of Carlos Lopez. Each of The High Republic era comics have their own distinct style, but there is something so dark and foreboding about the style of the mainline Marvel series that really lends itself to the gritty storytelling being revealed with each new issue. 

Star Wars: The High Republic (#10) is on sale now. 

Star Wars: The High Republic (#10)


I am… very scared to read issue #11. 

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