Review: Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #7

If you are still reeling from the trauma inflicted at the end of The Rising Storm, Issue #7 of Marvel’s The High Republic is here to drive the lightsaber in deeper. Cavan Scott, how dare you?

Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #7

Star Wars: The High Republic #7

Issue #7, “Of Sith and Shadows” opens like a nightmare sequence in a horror film, which is consistent with the level of horror that Marvel’s The High Republic has doled out over the past months. In the wake of tapping into the Root Mind of the Drengir, in order to locate the creature’s great progenitor, Keeve Trennis discovers startling side effects. As she attempts to meditate, she is plagued by twisted visions — the ghost-pale face of Orla Jareni, the figure of a dead friend, the adorable Kanrii, and the terrifying vision of a red lightsaber-wielding Sith that drives the blade through Keeve’s chest.

We know that her master Sskeer is struggling with the pull of the Dark Side after his brush with the Drengir and we know that there are other Jedi that have been deeply affected by the galaxy in turmoil since the Great Disaster, but now we know in no uncertain terms that Keeve is feeling it too. I don’t have a good feeling about this, knowing that Cavan Scott is the one who wrote a line about a Master Trennis in Dooku: Jedi Lost.

Following her dark visions, Keeve heads to find Master Maru. We learn that, in the lead-up to the Republic Fair, Avar Kriss has a good reason for not attending the events told in The Rising Storm. The Drengir and the Nihil appear to be causing a lot of trouble in Wild Space and, according to Administrator Jahen, a Category Three is occurring in the Rseik Sector — which doesn’t sound reassuring.

Keeve heads to Agricultural Hub 42 on Chortose, coming to the aid of two Chortose brothers who are about to meet their ends at the hands of the Nihil. Unfortunately, Keeve is not at her best and she is quickly struck in the head by one of the Nihil, effectively disarming her. Part of her dark visions come true as Orla Jareni arrives to save the day, apprehending the Nihil and helping Keeve. Orla’s first introduction came in Claudia Gray’s Into The Dark, but this is the first time we have seen the Wayseeker in the comic and it’s truly exciting to see the characters we have met in novels appear in the comics.

Keeve and Orla discuss the fact that Keeve disobeyed direct orders by heading for Chortose, as well as touching briefly on how she doesn’t feel that she is needed or that she deserved to become a Jedi Knight. Her struggles run deep and it will be interesting to see where her story goes next, not just in Marvel’s The High Republic, but in the books.

The final panel of the issue has me wondering if we should start a cash pool for therapy or if we can just bill our collective pain directly to Cavan Scott.

Star Wars: The High Republic #7


Cavan Scott, how dare you?

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