Review: Marvel’s The High Republic #9

Marvel’s The High Republic has returned with another tense issue, as Keeve Trennis and Terec make the bold choice to go undercover to infiltrate the Nihil and uncover who the Eye of the Nihil really is. Some time has passed since the devastating attack during The Republic Fair on Valo and the plot is set following the events of Out of the Shadows and just before the events of Tempest Runner.

Marvel’s The High Republic #9

Marvel's The High Republic #9
The Unified Republic Task Force, led in part by Stellan Gios, is at a loss for who the Nihil has named as the new Eye. While the readers know that Marchion Ro has been the Eye of the Storm since the era launched with Light of the Jedi, the Jedi and the Republic have been under the assumption that Lourna Dee was the Eye and following the Battle of Galov, they believe that she is dead.

Keeve and Terec’s risky decision to masquerade as two of Pan Eyte’s Tempests has the potential to be one of the best story arcs in The High Republic comics thus far. Throughout Marvel’s The High Republic series, Keeve has openly struggled with her place within the Jedi Order, she has faced the temptation of the Dark Side, and now there is an opportunity to see how the Republic — and the Jedi — are perceived by their enemy. Every villain sees themselves as a hero and the Nihil are steadfast in their opposition to the tactics of the Republic’s overreaching ruling.

We see this right at the start of the issue, as Keeve corrects herself “Not a crusade [against the Nihil]. Get the response right, Keeve. Part of the response.” But we know, from the outside, that the Jedi’s response to the Nihil is very much a crusade. After all, crusades are fueled by social, political, or religious intent.

At the end of the issue, Keeve and Terec have proven themselves as Tempest Runners worthy of being under Pan Eyta, but the testing is not yet over. In the final moments, Keeve worries about having to abandon everything it means to be a Jedi in order to endure these tests. Knowing that when we first met Keeve back in January, she was going through her Jedi Trials, and now all that she knows is being tested is a true testament to how well thought out The High Republic is. The narrative arcs connect together so meticulously, weaving an incredible story filled with struggles, introspection, and a cast of characters seeking to understand themselves under intense pressure.

We know, more or less, that something tragic will eventually happen to Keeve Trennis once she reaches the rank of Master. Whether the events at play in the present will have an impact on her future or if they will inform us as to where her story is headed are still unclear, but it makes for an absolutely epic and unforgettable journey to get there.

Marvel's The High Republic #9


Keeve Trennis and Terec make go undercover to infiltrate the Nihil

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