Review: Old Man Liver Whiskey Makes for a Raunchy Cocktail

Old Man Liver Whiskey is not your average libation, perhaps in part because it is one of the first pandemic-born 90 proof American whiskeys on the market. It packs a punch, just like the year it originated in. 

Old Man Liver Whiskey Makes for a Raunchy Cocktail

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The marketing surrounding the product is a little uncouth, as is “The Old Lady’s” cocktail recipes that go along with it. So if you’re someone who likes a bit of dirty humor and doesn’t mind your liquor calling you names… Old Man Liver Whiskey might be the perfect whiskey for you. The brand’s origin story tells you everything you need to know about it. 

“Old Man Liver and his Old Lady were having a day of debauchery, their favorite pastime, drinking on Fremont Street in the neon-lit old Strip area of downtown Las Vegas. After multiple strip clubs, bars, and casinos, OML was drunk on the ground in front of a White Castle. He proclaimed his love for good old American whiskey and lamented how the drink in his hand wasn't strong or flavorful. That’s when his Old Lady decided OML MUST have his own whiskey. After almost a year of overindulgence and trial and error in order to get the perfect flavor, OML and his Old Lady's dream became a reality.” 

If you’re wondering where the name came from, look no further than the creator of the whiskey. As the story goes, after doing time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, he moved to California to pursue his music career and came up with the name Old Man Liver. The name stuck and now he has a whiskey to go with his burgeoning music career. 

Old Man Liver Whiskey is distilled from the highest quality corn, rye, wheat, and barley, combined with pure Appalachian mountain water. The spirits are then distilled at Two Trees Distilling Company in hand-picked white oak from Tennessee and Missouri that are toasted and charred on-site. This process gives the whiskey a unique oaky flavor, that has an edge of that warm smoked meat taste that feels ubiquitous with summer months. 

I tried out one of the Old Lady’s cocktails and I was… not as impressed as I expected to be. Fuzzy Blue Balls mixes Old Man Liver Whiskey with peach puree, blueberries, club soda, lemon, with some cinnamon and crushed ice. Despite not being a big whiskey drinker, I think I would have enjoyed the whiskey nice and neat. The smokey flavor can stand on its own without mixing and making something out of it. 

Old Man Liver American Whiskey retailing for $38.99 for a 750ml, which is comparable to most recognizable whiskey brands on the market. For just shy of $40 you can support an up-and-coming whiskey brand and enjoy an off-beat experience.

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