Review: Sarah Kuhn’s Doctor Aphra Script Is a Witty Fast-paced Adventure 

Whether she’s traipsing across the pages of a comic book or being brought to life by the voice of Emily Woo Zeller, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra always makes for a wildly entertaining adventure. Sarah Kuhn has brought her to life in a wickedly fun story filled with action, humor, intrigue, and a smidgeon of romance. 

Sarah Kuhn’s Doctor Aphra Script is a Witty Fast-Paced Adventure 

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Last summer, Lucasfilm Publishing and Random House Audio, partnered to produce Star Wars: Doctor Aphra – An Audiobook Original, an audio drama that brought to life Dr. Aphra’s appearances from Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader comics alongside new material. Now, the glorious script has been printed into a hardcover book entitled Star Wars: Doctor Aphra by Del Rey Publishing. 

If you have already listened to the audio drama, you may think that you don’t need to pick up this book, but I assure you — you do. You really do. Sarah Kuhn is a phenomenal author and she creates an unforgettable experience as she takes us on an adventure through a galaxy far, far away with Dr. Aphra. 

While it is word-for-word what Star Wars fans enjoyed last summer, Kuhn has added stage directions that add a little oomph to an already energetic and fast-paced story. I would highly recommend reading along while listening to the audio drama for a little extra fun. One of my favorite, very minor, aspects of the script was Doctor Aphra’s commentary in the dramatis personae. I love a character that does not take anyone or anything too seriously. 

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Doctor Aphra is, by far, one of the best characters that has been introduced to the Star Wars universe over the last decade. She is charismatic, high-energy, flawed, and she never takes herself too seriously. If you haven’t checked out the Doctor Aphra comics or you find yourself seriously behind in her misadventures, pairing the Doctor Aphra audiobook with Sarah Kuhn’s script is the perfect introduction for newcomers to her story. 

I hope that we will see more of Sarah Kuhn’s writing in the galaxy of Star Wars publishing. She brings so much heart and wit to everything she writes and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra is such an exhilarating page-turner. 

The Star Wars: Doctor Aphra script is available for pre-order ahead of its April 6th release date. 

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A Witty Fast-Paced Adventure


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