Review: Sprung Is a Hilarious New Comedy That Hits Close to Home

Amazon Freevee’s new comedy, Sprung, is sure to be quite the hit because it makes fun of things that we have all recently gone through. Nothing is funnier than something you can, unfortunately, relate to. Sprung gives viewers a look back at the last few years through the COVID pandemic.

This series kicks off with a group of non-violent prisoners being released from jail due to the virus – Rooster (Phillip Garcia), Jack (Garrett Dillahunt), and Gloria (Shakira Barrera). When they are sent out into the world Jack and Gloria have nowhere to go. Rooster offers for them to stay with him and his mother Barb (Martha Plimpton), but there are some conditions they must abide by. He certainly got his law-breaking genes from his mom, as she claims they can stay with them but only if they become her crew.

Review: Sprung Is a Hilarious New Comedy That Hits Close to Home
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While Gloria and Rooster have an extensive criminal history, Jack was sent to jail twenty-six years earlier for selling marijuana. This was when there was a mandatory minimum sentence, so he racked up thirty years — getting out four early only because of the pandemic release. Jack doesn’t want to go back to jail, of course, but he also doesn’t want to live out on the streets with the virus around. Ultimately, he agrees to Barb’s terms but adds a few conditions of his own. Their marks must be people that do bad things themselves and deserve it, and he also should be the one coming up with the plans as he learned a lot from his time in prison.

Hilarity Ensues

What follows is a thirty-minute comedy that pokes at all of the things we went through like toilet paper shortage and drive-through testing. It mentions staying in quarantine for weeks and not knowing when the virus will end, if ever. This show works so well because everything hits very close to home. Every potential viewer experienced the pandemic, so these are events that everyone can relate to. It is one of those situations where if you don’t laugh you will cry, so you might as well cry.

Besides the COVID-related jokes and references, the humor focuses on the stupidity of these criminals. They don’t really know what they are doing and if it wasn’t for Jack, they would have been caught again in a heartbeat. While they are all out for themselves, Jack spends his free time giving back and doing good. This is a decent twist on good and evil that keeps things interesting.

One of the best things about Sprung, besides how relatable it is, is the incredible cast. They have great chemistry together and the comedic timing down pat. Dillahunt and Plimpton starred together in the comedy series Raising Hope, so fans of that will enjoy seeing them reunited on screen. They work great together and even though they don’t play a couple this time, they have some great moments together.

Sprung is fun and relatable but offers a look into a different side of the pandemic woes. Jack plays a modern-day Robin Hood type and is easy to root for, while the others might be moronic and criminals, yet they are still likable. This unique take on the way the world has been for the last few years is entertaining enough that it isn’t too soon.


The writing isn’t perfect, but each episode offers a standalone adventure that ties into a greater story being told through the season. This connection that will have audiences coming back week-to-week to see what this gang gets up to next. Keep in mind, Sprung isn’t for young kids though. Families with older teenagers can enjoy it together, but it should be noted there is language and sex and drug-related discussions.

The first two episodes of Sprung will debut exclusively on Freevee beginning August 19, followed by new episodes each week and a one-hour season finale on September 16.

Rating: 7/10 SPECS

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