Review: Star Wars: Mazes Lives up to the Hype

If you are looking for a fun activity book to take with you to the beach this summer, look no further than Star Wars: Mazes, the newest activity book from Chronicle Books. 

Set off on a New Adventure with Star Wars: Mazes 

Sean C. Jackson, an expert maze creator and lifelong Star Wars fan, has brought the saga to life in a brand new way, turning popular locations into intricate mazes to escape. The book features over 30 illustrated mazes featuring iconic scenes and locations, from podracing on Tatooine to the glitz and glamor of Canto Bight. 

The entirety of the Star Wars franchise feels represented as you flip through the pages of Star Wars: Mazes and there is also an element of Where’s Waldo? as you wind your way through the book. Each maze is based on an unforgettable moment from the films, featuring the tiny familiar faces of Cassian Andor, Finn and Rose, Mando and Grogu, and it even features heartbreaking moments like Han Solo’s death. Each full-color maze also includes notes about the environment and special hidden bonus elements to find along the way. 

Star Wars: Mazes
Master Kenobi has betrayed you for the last time. Pursue him across the facility. Destroy him if you must. | Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Are you ready for these missions? Each of the unique mazes comes with its very own assignment, adding layers to the simple maze game. On Dagobah, “find the home of the Jedi Master Yoda somewhere on this creepy mudhole.” At the Geonosis Droid Factory, “Escape the factory in one piece.” On the Starkiller Base, “Sabotage the oscillator. Engage with Ben.” And at Jabba’s Palace, “Rescue Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt.” 

You can easily trace through the mazes with your finger, rather than using a pen or pencil, so that you can revisit it in the future. In order to get the full enjoyment, you may have to break the spine of the book, as the binding does interrupt the path of every maze. But aside from that, this is the perfect activity book for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Star Wars: Mazes hits shelves July 27th, you can pre-order it today!

Star Wars: Maze


The perfect activity to wind down with.


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