Review: ‘Star Wars: Shadow Fall’ Has Earned Its Stripes

Alexander Freed reunites the Alphabet Squadron for a chaos-filled second act.

Star Wars: Shadow Fall

*Contains Minor Spoilers*

Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron trilogy is poised to be one of the best Star Wars series in the new era of Star Wars publishing.

Shadow Fall packs a punch — Freed delivers adrenaline-fueled intrigue and manages to pull on the heartstrings of the rebellion. The novel is a high-octane race to the last page, providing a final line that was truly jaw-dropping.  

If you were a fan of Michael A. Stackpole’s Star Wars: X-Wing series, which was retired with the rest of the Star Wars expanded universe or anxiously waiting for the release of EA’s Star Wars: SquadronsAlphabet Squadron is the perfect answer for you. 

Freed is a natural at creating compelling narratives amidst the backdrop of an uncertain time within the galaxy. His characters are messy, layered, and complex individuals working through life-or-death situations as they soar through the battlefield among the stars. Yrica Quell, in particular, ranks among my favorite characters in the Star Wars novelization universe.

Her secrets are brought to a head in Shadow Fall and cast their own shadow over the future of the Alphabet Squadron. 

Yrica Quell (credit Lucasfilm)

Shadow Fall is filled with subtle homages to characters like Kanan Jarrus, Jyn Erso, and Luke Skywalker. Freed captures the side effects of war for the rebellion, deftly touching on the compartmentalizing that comes with grief and loss — an emotion that even the readers will have to grapple with as a beloved character is lost to the fray.

Some of the best moments in the novel come from the quiet moments where the Alphabet Squadron unwind after risky encounters with the Empire. The characters feel as real as any that we have seen in live-action or animated series

If you’ve ever been on the ledge about getting into reading Star Wars novels, Alphabet Squadron should be your start point. Freed has left a definitive mark on the Star Wars universe, and I hope that one day we see the Alphabet Squadron brought to life in other mediums. 

Wealth of Geeks thanks Del Rey Publishing & NetGallery for providing us with a free copy for review. Pick up your copy of Star Wars: Shadow Fall today!

Star Wars: Shadow Fall


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