Review: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures’ (#11)

Since becoming the Eye of the Nihil, Marchion Ro has had his fair share of difficulties with the inherent treachery of the Nihil, and his protege Krix Kamerat appears to be no stranger either as Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures begins to set off in a new direction. As the story unfurls, we see that Krix’s accomplice Sabata is setting him up to die in a clash with the Jedi, banking on Krix’s connections to his former friend Zeen.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures (#11)

Star Wars The High Republic Adventures (#11)
Sabata Krill certainly isn’t one to be ignored, either, considering this character previously tried to infiltrate the Jedi on Takodana just a few issues ago. She makes a few apt assessments about the Jedi as well, which continues to fuel my belief that the Nihl are, at least mostly, right about the way that the Jedi act.

I cannot wait to see where this Krix storyline goes next, as I have loved his character since he was first introduced in the series. But I couldn’t help but wonder if Marchion’s apparent fondness for the boy (he did give him a matching ensemble!) would eventually get him into a spot of trouble with the other Nihil. He’s a good fighter and clever enough, but as Sabata points out—he’s fueled by rage and operates under very shortsighted motives. Additionally, I am thrilled to see Corellia appear in the comics once more, even if it is a means to an end.

Of course, on the Starlight Beacon, the Jedi are entirely unaware of the potential danger they’re at risk of facing. Instead, they’re wrapped up in a lighthearted day of gaming, organized by none other than Buckets of Blood. I’m still not entirely certain what the great Jedi Rumble Race is, but it certainly was a lot of fun to see the Padawans (and Buckets of Blood) racing around the Beacon in high spirits.

While I am confused by the Rumble Race, it was so much fun to see the Jedi cutting loose and having a bit of uncharacteristic fun during their downtime. As Lula points out in the issue, they’ve all endured a lot of death and pain in the past few months. At least they all get this brief moment of fun before the next horrible event befalls all of them.

Master Emerick and Sian, the central characters in Older’s Trail of Shadows comic series, also make a little cameo in this issue. I’m not entirely certain how concurrent these stories are, but it was exciting to see them pop up beside one another in The High Republic Adventures.

This issue left me wondering if Daniel José Older is starting to set things into motion for the upcoming tragedy at the Starlight Beacon. Especially with the Galactic Data File depicting the different areas and levels of the Beacon. It would certainly be a shame if the Nihil were to attack it. While all of The High Republic stories are designed to be enjoyed independently, there is a certain connectivity between all of the stories that leads me fully down the rabbit hole of wondering how much of this is building to the next cataclysmic event.

Older does so well at contrasting a very grave and potentially deadly situation with the innocence and youthfulness of the Padawan getting to act like children and not war heroes.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures (#11)


This issue left me wondering if Daniel José Older is starting to set things into motion for the upcoming tragedy at the Starlight Beacon.

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