Review: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures’ (#12)

The twelfth issue of Daniel José Older’s High Republic Adventures is a must-read before diving into Midnight Horizons (which I have already read and will politely abstain from mentioning in detail during this review). But it should be noted that several aspects neatly overlap with Midnight Horizon, with a little deviation that can be chalked up to the notion of “from a certain point of view.”

Since the first issue of The High Republic Adventures it has been abundantly clear that Lula and Zeen are two halves of the same whole, both stylistically through the artistic choices of the artists, to Older’s intentional parallels and narrative direction. In this issue, “Let Go,” we see a flashback of Lula’s Master Kantam Sy teaching her about the balance a Jedi must endeavor to commit to where attachments are concerned: loving and letting go. Which I fear is going to be something that Lula and Zeen will both struggle with.

“Let Go” also serves as a bit of a dual story about letting go because so much of its plot is focused on Zeen tracking down Krix and grappling with the weight of what he’s done since Trymant. Zeen certainly has a lot to reckon with and learn to let go of as a Force user that had to hide that part of herself for so long and as someone whose closest friend turned to the Nihil and has been destroying the galaxy rather than accepting her for who she really was. Again, it just really underscores how Lula and Zeen have been narratively connected. Whatever one is dealing with, the other is equally forced to face the same emotion.

Through the course of the issue, the Jedi (and Zeen) track down Krix and apprehend him, effectively cutting him off from the Nihil and explaining why he was absent from the chaos of The Fallen Star. I really loved the image of the good guys high-fiving while Krix lays on the floor, it’s both hilariously juvenile and somehow exactly what I’ve come to expect from the Jedi. But we all know that pride goeth before the fall and I’m certain this isn’t the end of the Krix situation for anyone involved.

As always, Older, Harvey Tolibao, Pow Rodrix, and Rebecca Nalty have provided a stellar installment to The High Republic Adventures. You can always count on this comic book run to be filled with heart, humor, and a band of characters you can’t help but adore. It’s nice to see so many of those early elements getting paid off, as the story continues to progress towards the heartache and tragedy of The Fallen Star.

Star  Wars: The High Republic Adventures (#12) is out now. 

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Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures (#12)


As always, Older, Harvey Tolibao, Pow Rodrix, and Rebecca Nalty have provided a stellar installment to The High Republic Adventures.

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