Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #3

Daniel José Older has done it again. Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures packs a ton of heart, intrigue, and adventure into every issue, and Issue #3 hits all the right beats. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #3

High Republic Adventures

Following the attack on Bralanak City, Krix and Zeen find themselves in very different situations. Aboard the Gaze Electric, Krix reflects on Zeen’s secret Force abilities and the sense of betrayal he feels; while Zeen finds herself embraced by her newfound friends and fellow Force users on the Starlight Beacon. 

Krix and Zeen’s stories are told in parallel to each other. While the Jedi Masters consider what to do with a Force user that is too old to join the Jedi Order, Marchion Ro schemes for information to take down the Jedi Order. While Zeen hangs out with her new friends, Krix feels isolated aboard the Gaze Electric. While Zeen watched Farzala and the other Padawan reenact their fight in Bralanak City, Krix is taken to the Rink to fight. 

I wasn’t sure what to make of Krix selling out Elder Tromak for his own actions or his willingness to help the Nihil trick the Jedi and, by extension, Zeen. I’m sure self-preservation played a part in his decisions, but perhaps Krix fits in with the Nihil and their distaste for the Jedi more than even he expected to. 

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My kingdom for a detailed floor plan of the Gaze Electric. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the Nihil’s battleship has an entire fighting rink on it that could easily rival the Petranaki arena from Attack of the Clones. Just how big is this battleship? It’s even more mindboggling when you consider that most of the Nihil ships are described as being slapped together with recycled components. I have questions and I look forward to the eventual answers. 

Better yet, what is this mysterious ancient relic that the Nihil are looking for? Will Krix provide Marchion Ro with the information about the Kharvashark Ruins? 

The High Republic Adventures continues to be one of my favorite stories from The High Republic and each new issue has me counting the days until the next release date. The combination of Older’s storytelling, alongside Harvey Tolibao and Rebecca Nalty’s artwork, makes for a thrilling read. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventure #3


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