Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #4

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Issue #4 pick up after the events of Issue #3, with Lula teaching Zeen about the Force, while Krix works alongside Marchion Ro. Lula and Zeen continue to be a great duo, especially as they both explore the meaning of the Force and the meaning of friendship. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #4 

The High Republic Adventures #4

On Quantxi, The Junk Moon, Marchion Ro and the Nihil orchestrate a diversion to lure in the Jedi, though their plan is overheard by a resident of the moon. The design for the Trash Keeper, or rather, Junk Mavenzz evoked thoughts of plague doctors, which was very entertaining for me personally. Marchion provides Krix with a weapon and sends him on a mission to stop the Junk Mavenzz from reaching the communications tower. 

Everyone keeps telling me that Marchion Ro is a big bad, but then you have him interacting with a kid and I’m less and less convinced. With Krix working alongside the Nihil, I’m curious to see what will happen when Zeen finds him. Will he still resent her from hiding that she’s Force-sensitive? Will some of the Nihil sentiments about Jedi rub off on him? 

Daniel José Older has set up such an interesting comic series with The High Republic Adventures. Even in 30-odd paged comic issues, the characters feel fully fleshed out and familiar. I’m ready to see all of these characters appear in other forms of media, because they already feel like old friends. 

The art by Harvey Tolibao and coloring by Rebecca Natly are so different from what we see in the current Star Wars comic runs. It’s bright, fun, and quirky. I laughed out loud at the panel of Lula and the other Padawans packed into the vector. Farzala’s face in particular cracked me up. I think that’s what makes The High Republic Adventures one of the best comics running. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun! 

I love the lighthearted nature of The High Republic Adventures, despite the looming threat of the Nihil and the conflict between them and the Jedi. There’s a thrill that’s delivered in every issue of this series that leaves me anxiously waiting for the next issue as soon as I reach the last page. 

Things might come to a head next issue, as the final panels of The High Republic Adventures Issue #4 saw the Jedi receiving a distress call from The Junk Moon. Will Krix face consequences from the stylish Marchion Ro for not killing the Junk Mavenzz in time? Will the Jedi and the Nihil go head-to-head? Will Zeen arrive in time? 

Now, we just have to wait another month for the answers! 

The High Republic Adventures #4


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