Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7

When last we left the cast of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, things had gone from bad to worse for the crew of the Vessel, as Farzala and Leox are taken hostage by the saboteurs that foiled their diplomatic mission. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7

Star Wars The High Republic Adventures 7
The High Republic has excelled in numerous ways, but most notable to me is the way in which the era has built upon the teachings of the Jedi that we were first fully introduced to us during the Prequel Era. With the last two waves of novels and comics, we have seen Jedi struggle with their emotions, find balance in the Force, grapple with the lure of the Dark Side, and form very close attachments (which are apparently not as forbidden as we were led to believe). This approach has created incredibly nuanced, fleshed-out, and relatable characters. Because they struggle and they grow. 

It is hard to think about the fall of Anakin, without recalling Yoda’s sage words: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” And fear is the central focus of “Mission to Bilbousa, Part II.” Particularly Farzala’s fear as he considers the predicament he’s in and his personal aspirations, built on the legends of Jedi presented in Holovids. 

As Farzala sits in the cage he’s being held in, he reflects back on the teachings of his master, Obratuk Glii, who slipped into a deep hibernation in the previous issue. Rather than avoid fear entirely, Glii teaches Farzala that in order to defeat fear, you have to know fear. This moment of reflection gives Farzala the encouragement he needs to break Leox and himself out of their cages and save the day. 

While Farzala conquers his fears, another plight is ongoing aboard the Vessel where Qort, Affie, and Geode are trying to fend off the pirates that have overtaken the ship. While they mostly get things under control, it takes Obratuk Glii awakening from his hibernation to ensure that our heroes survive. 

This issue of The High Republic Adventures ends on a high note as Farzala considers his newfound understanding of fear and as the crew takes on discussions with the Hutts — Jabba and Skarabda to be more specific. 

As always, Harvey Tolibao and Rebecca Nalty have created a gorgeous and captivating issue. The character designs and coloring add so much depth and realness to the story unfolding on the pages. I am so curious to see where Daniel José Older will take us next as Farzala and Qort come into their own as Padawans in Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7 is out on August 18th. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7


How can you defeat your fears if you don't face them?

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