Review: DC’s Stargirl’s Latest Episode Shines With Brilliant Visuals & a Set up for Something Massive

Stargirl Season 2 Episode 5 is one of the best of the season for several reasons. The previous episodes have felt very scattered with the way they bounce around from character to character and plot point to plot point, but this episode reels that in a little bit. Not completely, but enough to make the episode that much more enjoyable and feel like there is a true purpose and an endgame for the season here.

DC’s Stargirl’s Latest Episode Shines With Brilliant Visuals & A Set Up For Something Massive

DC's Stargirl
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This episode starts off with another flashback. Ten years ago young Cindy is having a nightmare about her father, the supervillain Dragon King. Her mother reassures her that he is far away and does not know where they are. But the second she leaves Cindy's room, he shows up, and we hear her scream. To be perfectly honest he looks ridiculous in this shot. Even though his face is shielded by shadows, his appearance is a bit laughable.

Cut to Cindy all grown up and she is working on her Injustice Society of America recruiting — scoping out Cameron as he works on his mural. However, his grandmother, Lily Mahkent, is there and she is not having any of it. She warns Cindy to leave him alone, and after a quick and painful comeback from Cindy, she breathes extremely cold breath – showing her that she has the same powers her son, Jordan, did.

When she returns home through her window, Pat is waiting for her. She immediately admits to being out looking for The Shade because he is the only one she feels is being honest with her. She says that she is planning to ask him to team up against Eclipso, which is something fans will likely see by the end of the season.

Pat is clearly feeling a little guilty about keeping her in the dark and offers up a little bit of insight – that the Black Diamond is connected to the weather, and that is why Blue Valley is experiencing storms while the rest of the state is sunny. It is obvious that he is still keeping something from her though, which is sure to come back and bite him later on.

DC's Stargirl
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Speaking of the weather, Cameron was going to work on the mural of his father, but with a big storm coming, he heads inside the school to use the art studio. He drops his notebook, which is filled with drawings of Courtney, and Mr. Deisinger says that she is obviously his muse, and he must let her know how he feels.

Waiting for Cameron in the art room is Cindy, who is there to recruit him to the ISA. It doesn’t take long for it to be obvious he wants nothing to do with her, and that she will be unable to bring him on to her team. With her hand behind her back, one of her knives comes out, but they are interrupted by Mr. Deisinger. Being upset by the teacher, she unleashes Eclipso on him.

While all of this is going on The Shade comes to Barbara, convincing her the best course of action for her family is to let him know when the Black Diamond is found. Also, Beth explains to Rick and Pat about hearing the original Doctor Mid-Nite in the goggles, saying he is trapped somewhere. Pat reminds the kids to be cautious – Eclipso can make them see and hear things that are not really there.

DC's Stargirl
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Cameron gets the courage to show Courtney his drawings, and she seems to be quite impressed. The two share a moment, and almost a kiss. Of course, texts from Yolanda about JSA business interrupt them and she says she needs to leave. Cameron explains that she did this to him last time, and she promises it will not happen again. A familiar superhero trope that fans see time and again – empty promises.

Now under the control of Eclipso, Mr. Deisinger starts to throw up paint splatters. Eclipso says that he is his new muse and encourages him to “see” art that he should get to work on immediately, and he does. Lucky for him the JSA shows up at the school because they are tracking the weather. When they notice his car, they assume he could be in trouble. But they have no idea just how much.

Yolanda picks up a painting with Brainwave on it and hears his voice taunting her, which gives her a splitting headache. As for Rick, he is forced to see Solomon Grundy and himself, while being asked who is the real monster? For Beth, of course, she sees her parents and her perfect life being ripped apart. Courtney is doing all that she can to get their attention and stop them from their states of fear and anger. A colorful smoke-like creature is crawling through the halls of the school, and she lifts up the Cosmic Staff in order to take it on. It works, and it whimpers and runs away — turns out it is Mr. Deisinger!

He explains that he can only see darkness, and that no one can save him. Courtney reaches the Cosmic Staff out to him, begging him to take it. When he does, the creature surrounding him recedes until it disappears. At the same time the paintings that the JSA were traumatized by disappearing. Because Mr. Deisinger did not have the Black Diamond on him, Pat says this is a sign that Eclipso's powers are getting stronger and are now able to spread past the Black Diamond.

DC's Stargirl
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Barbara and Pat mention that Thunderbolt said Mike is lonely, and that they need to be careful to not alienate him anymore. Pat explains to him that he understands his frustration of not being able to help, and that they should find a JSA project they can work on together. It is clear that Mike loves this idea, as he perks up after hearing it, seemingly being the most excited he has been in a long time.

Toward the end of the episode Beth finally confronts her parents about the divorce papers that she found. They admit it is a mutual decision and they haven't decided if they will go through with it or not. They also say this doesn't change how much they love her.

As Cameron is working on his mural, his hand starts to cramp so had that he drops his paintbrush, which freezes. Things are surely about to get interesting.

DC's Stargirl
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Meanwhile, Cindy, Artemis, and Isaac are in the ISA making plans. Artemis says she thought it was going to be a four-on-four match, and Cindy says to forget about Cameron, they don't need him, especially with the Black Diamond in their possession. She pulls out a picture of Mike, saying that is the final little piece of the puzzle.

Seeing the ISA come together and learn that they plan to take on the JSA sooner than later, is exciting because this makes viewers hopeful for a big fight sooner than later. Perhaps even in the next episode. How will things fair for Mike though? Will he end up working with the ISA, or against them?

The visuals in this episode, particularly during the entire art room/school fight, are really well done. They could have easily come off as cheesy, but instead, they brought this fight to a whole new level. It was easy to feel the fear the JSA, and Mr. Deisinger had. The way that Eclipso's victims’ eyes gloss over when they are under his manipulations is a nice addition to it all.

Seeing more of Eclipso's powers in action and learning just how strong he is getting is a major part of this episode. It makes it what it is and seeing how easily he is able to manipulate the JSA without the Black Diamond even being near them, proves that they better start training more.

Stargirl, Season 2 Episode 5


Stargirl Shines With Brilliant Visuals & A Set Up For Something Massive


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