Review: ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ Is an Unsettling, Suspenseful, and Addictive New Series 

If you have run out of true-crime series to watch, rearrange your schedule because you won’t want to stop watching Tell Me Your Secrets until you finish the series. 

Lily Rabe stars as Karen Miller in Tell Me Your Secrets, the former girlfriend of a convicted serial killer who makes a new life for herself as Emma Hall with the help of the Witness Protection Program. Amy Brenneman costars as Mary Barlow, the mother of one of the women that Karen’s boyfriend is suspected of killing. Mary enlists the help of a convicted rapist John (played by Lily Rabe’s real-life partner Hamish Linklater) to track down Karen in her new life. 

Tell Me Your Secrets was created by Harriet Warner, who is best known for her work on the critically acclaimed series, Call the Midwife. Her new series is the perfect intersection for true crime and mystery lovers looking for a new series to get lost in the suspense of. 

Tell Me Your Secrets is an unsettling, suspenseful, and addictive new series 

Tell Me Your Secrets
(L-R) Amy Brenneman (Mary) and Lily Rabe (Karen) in “Tell Me Your Secrets” | Credit: Amazon Studios

One aspect of Tell Me Your Secrets that stood out to me was that while it is going to drop as an entirely bingeable series on Prime Video, the episodes are self-contained, reminiscent of the episodic format that is often lost with streaming series. This is due to the fact that the series was originally slated to air on TNT. Though the main plot unwinds through each of the ten episodes, they do not pick up directly after the prior one which gives audiences bingeing the series a bit of a breather. And you will definitely need a breather with the high-anxiety this series doles out. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this nail-biting series, I do want to caution potential viewers that there are a few triggers to be aware of. Tell Me Your Secrets is obviously about the fall out of a serial killer’s heinous actions, but it also features (albeit, tastefully shot) scenes depicting violence against women, a serial rapist’s crimes, and brief scenes of animal mutilation. 

As the series unwinds, it will feel like everyone is guilty of something. Heinous crimes are committed throughout the series and, like the audience, the characters are left to sit with them and internalize the ramifications. 

Lily Rabe shines in her role as Emma, bringing a specific brand of strength and vulnerability to the duality of her character — a skill that Rabe has brought to past roles as well. What makes the role so engaging is that Emma is an unreliable narrator who is keenly aware of her own fallibility. While Emma tries to unravel what’s happening to young women in St. James, Louisiana, across the country another woman is trying to discover what Karen Miller did to her daughter. 

TMYS 2 2
(L-R) Amy Brenneman (Mary) and Hamish Linklater (John) in “Tell Me Your Secrets” | Credit: Amazon Studios

Amy Brenneman’s portrayal of Mary Barlow is frustratingly good. You want to feel sympathy for her because of everything she has been through and yet over the course of the series she becomes the very thing she hates. She teeters on the edge of manic and impulsively makes decisions that come back to haunt her, all in the pursuit of discovering what happened to her daughter. But the question is, does she truly want to know the truth?

The series culminates in a jaw-dropping season finale that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. Prime Studios, I’m begging you — renew Tell Me Your Secrets. Do not leave your audience hanging like that. 

Lily Rabe (Mary) in “Tell Me Your Secrets” | Credit: Amazon Studios

Lily Rabe is astonishing in her portrayal of Karen and she is surrounded by an incredibly talented cast that builds the suspense, doubt, and thrill of the series. There’s chaos, mayhem, and a cloud of mystery that mirrors the secrets that every character is processing and reacting to as their stories unravel. Trust no one — except for Tom (Marque Richardson). I wanted nothing but the best for him and you will too. He is the only character you won’t find yourself second-guessing. 

Tell Me Your Secrets stars Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, Hamish Linklater, Enrique Murciano, Elliot Fletcher, Xavier Samuel, Chiara Aurelia, Ashley Madekwe, Bryant Tardy, Marque Richardson, Katherine Willis, Richard Thomas, Emryi Crutchfield, and Charles Esten. 

Available for streaming beginning Friday, February 19, only on Prime Video

Tell Me Your Secrets


Unsettling and Addictive Mystery


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