Review: Bring Home the Marvelous Work of Alex Ross in ‘The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book’

Alex Ross is a beloved comic book writer and artist, who has created stunning cover work, interior art, and designs for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics for almost three decades. Now you can own a collection of the stunning multi-character mural that he completed for Marvel’s New York City offices. 

Bring Home the Marvelous work of Alex Ross in The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book is a must-have for Marvel fans and art collectors alike. The book contains 35 ready-to-frame and easily removable art prints of all of your favorite Marvel superheroes — from everyone’s new favorites Wanda and Vision to Daredevil, Wolverine, Blackpanther, and the Fantastic Four. 

The portraits are breathtaking, highly detailed, and the perfect showstopping piece that you need in your home or office. Their realistic style can only come from the award-winning work of Alex Ross. After all, that unique style is what has made Alex Ross one of the biggest names in the comic book industry. 

Each print has information on the back about the characters and their legacy, but that’s not all this book has to offer. The book is filled with Ross’s commentary about the painting process and his preliminary sketches that helped him create the awe-inspiring mural. As a bonus, the entire mural is available to you as a four-page gatefold that is just as frameable as the other 35 prints. 

As I flipped through The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book and found page-after-page of my favorite characters, I found myself trying to map out where I could hang the prints and just how much I’d have to spend in getting them framed. But for $25, the poster book is an absolute steal. Where else could you get 35 high-quality Alex Ross prints?  You won't want to miss this collectible book! 

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book is available for pre-order ahead of its April 16th release date.

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book


A Must-Have for Comic Book Fans and Art Lovers


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