Review: The Bad Batch: Episode 4, “Cornered” 

After facing off against the Ordo Moon Dragon last week, The Bad Batch are back and ready to tackle a new dilemma. 

“Cornered,” the fourth episode of The Bad Batch, opens with the Bad Batch looking at a star map and deciding where they should go next. Hunter suggests Idaflor, a planet without known inhabitants, but Tech advises against that. Not only are they out of fuel and rations, but he has discovered that their ship’s signature key is on a wanted list. Instead, they go to Pantora to trade what they have for credits to stock up, while Tech works on reconfiguring the ship to scramble their signature key. 

The Bad Batch: Episode 4, “Cornered” 

Omega and The Bad Batch
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Upon landing, they bribe the Depot Manager not to scan their ship, which goes about as well as one can expect. The moment that the clones have their backs turned, the Depot Manager reports in with a familiar face. None other than Fennec Shand, who is tracking down Omega for a client. 

Hunter, Echo, and Omega venture into the city, while Tech and Wrecker stay behind to work on the ship. Echo, who is more machine than man, disguises himself as a droid so he doesn’t stick out as the trio makes their way through the heavily occupied city. The citizens are celebrating the end of the Clone Wars, while Clone Troopers march through the streets and Admiral Rampart’s message about chain codes echoes through the city from the newly established chain code post. 

Omega Hunter and Echo
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Omega, who is just a child, has not learned to keep her hands to herself in shops. While Hunter is trying to haggle with a vendor, Omega knocks over a display and damages a toy. Echo helps her fix it, which prompts the vendor to offer to buy him. He is a droid after all. After settling on a higher price (3,000 credits) Echo is escorted into a back room where several other droids sit. I can’t be the only one who was amused by the protocol droid and R2 droid, right? 

Hunter Echo
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

While Hunter is occupied with the vendor, Omega wanders off to look at a pair of cute critters on the back of a speeder. One of them snatches her new toy away from her, prompting her to sprint after the speeder, winding her way through the city further and further away from her friends. But (un)fortunately for her, Omega is found by Fennec Shand, who kindly offers to help her find her friends. 

Oh, Fennec Shand. I’ve been waiting for her introduction into The Bad Batch, and this episode did not disappoint. Is she in direct opposition to our newfound cast of beloved clones and Omega? Yup. Do I care? Nope. Fennec Shand wreaks havoc and all I can say is “Good for her.” 

Hunter finally catches up to Fennec and Omega, which is the precise moment that Omega realizes that the kindhearted woman who helped her and even stole fruit for her does not have her best intentions in mind. 

Fennec and Omega
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Omega’s wide-eyed innocence comes into play heavily throughout this episode and I am curious to see how she will react to learning the hard truths of life. Not everyone is going to be your friend. 

Hunter and Fennec fight, which draws attention from the local authorities, and Fennec easily knocks Hunter out and escapes. Fennec pursues Omega down into the maintenance tunnels, but by this point, Wrecker has come to her rescue. Despite Wrecker’s massive size and intimidating figure, Fennec takes him down with ease, allowing her to chase Omega up onto the roof of a tower. 

Back at the ship, Echo has broken out of the vendor’s stall with his new droid friends, who come to assist Tech with repairing the ship in a timely fashion. Sorry BB-8, I think Clink is my new favorite droid. Just look at his little droid arms!

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

When Omega said she wanted to sightsee, I doubt she thought she’d be dangling off towers, hanging onto the side of cargo vessels, and having more than one near-death experience. Luckily for her, Hunter was not about to let Fennec take her away. For fans of Attack of the Clones, this scene might feel reminiscent of the high-stakes chase through Coruscant. 

This does not appear to be the only Fennec Shand appearance in The Bad Batch, as the final moments of the episode set up two things: 1) Hunter wants to figure out who she was and who hired her, and 2) Fennec was the final shot of the episode and she was talking to whoever hired her. 

Frankly, I hope that they use this series to give Fennec Shand more backstory so that we have added context when The Book of Boba Fett premieres later this year. Here she is pursuing a clone after the Clone Wars and years later, she’s working alongside the most famous clone — Boba Fett. There has to be a bigger story there and. for me, The Bad Batch will go from a good show to a great show if they explore her story further. 

Fennec Shand 1
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

As exciting as it is to see characters like Fennec Shand pop up in episodes, The Bad Batch still feels distinctly like the eighth season of The Clone Wars, but it lacks some of the emotional connective tissue that the earlier series had. While I doubt that the series has any plans to deviate from the one-and-done ‘problem of the week’ structure, I do hope we get to dive in a little deeper into the core cast. 

Will they make it to Idaflor next week or will Clone Force 99 find themselves faced with another crisis that is solved in thirty minutes or less? 

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