Review: The Bad Batch: Episode 5, “Rampage”

The Bad Batch is back and this time they’re on a rampage. Well not quite, but the fifth episode of the series is called ‘Rampage.’ 

The episode opens on Clone Force 99’s ship as Tech reconfigures Crosshair’s old comm device so that Omega has the means to contact them while they’re out on missions. After Fennec Shand nearly absconded with Omega last week, the Bad Batch has finally taught Omega a handful of rules, namely not to trust anyone but her squad. 

The Bad Batch: Episode 5, “Rampage”

Omega and Tech
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Before the team can proceed onwards with their plans, Hunter wants to figure out who Fennec Shand is and who hired her. So they head to Ord Mantell to find an informant named Cid who Echo knows of that used to work with the Jedi. At first, the Trandoshan they find claims to not be Cid, but Omega quickly figures out that she is actually the informant that they’re looking for. Apparently, Omega is the brains of the operation — not Tech. 

In order for Cid to give them any information about Fennec Shand, she needs them to find a kid named Muchi who has a bounty on her head. The issue is — Muchi’s been taken by Zygerrian slavers. 

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

On the flight to find Muchi, we get another comically ominous moment where Wrecker’s head is clearly bothering him. Is it because Fennec knocked him out the day before? Is it because he hit his head when they landed hard? Is something going on with his chip? I wish they would connect these threads a little better than they are. I can’t tell if this is a red herring or something we should be legitimately worried about. 

The Bad Batch arrives on the planet and investigates what they are up against with the Zygerrians. They are all a little too certain of their future success, which always spells disaster. After sending Omega back to the safety of the ship, the team is swiftly wiped out by the Zygerrians with the aid of their vicious brezak. 

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

With the Bad Batch incapacitated, it’s Omega’s chance to save the day — again. When the Zygerrians come to investigate the Bad Batch’s ship, she manages to escape with some supplies and sets out to rescue her squad. She finds where they’re being held and sets a rancor free as a distraction so that Wrecker can use his brute strength to break them all out of the chains they’ve been put in.

There’s just one problem. The child that they believed to be Muchi is not who they’re looking for. The rancor is Muchi! 

While Tech, Echo, and Omega help the other Zygerrian prisoners get to safety, Hunter and Wrecker track down Muchi and defeat the last of the Zygerrians. In order to apprehend the rancor, Wrecker has to assert dominance which ends up exhausting both of them. 

The Bad Batch returns to Ord Mantell with a newly tamed Muchi and they hand her over to none other than Bib Fortuna who seems overjoyed by her return. Cid takes Hunter inside and tells him what she’s learned about Fennec Shand. Unfortunately, it’s not much. She’s new to the bounty hunter scene, but deadly good at her job. Cid has no idea who hired her, but seems surprised that someone of Shand’s caliber has been hired to find the Bad Batch. 

Omega and Rancor
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Cid shares part of the bounty from Muchi with Hunter and offers him more paid work, if they need the credits. Though it doesn’t seem like Hunter plans to take her up on the offer just yet, it does seem like this might be a plot point that will return later on in the season or series. 

It has now been two episodes since we last saw Crosshair. Where is he? Is he out there, somewhere, killing more refugees in pursuit of Saw Gerrera? Is he sulking around Kamino? Hopefully, we see more of him and soon. 

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