Review: The Bad Batch: Episode 9, “Bounty Lost” 

In the wake of Omega’s capture, the Bad Batch set out to get her back, but they are not the only ones trying to find her. 

The Bad Batch: Episode 9, “Bounty Lost” 

The ninth episode, “Bounty Lost” starts mere moments after the mid-season credits rolled, as the Bad Batch tries to escape from Bracca without sustaining too much damage from Crosshair’s determined attacks. Hunter wants to stay and look for Omega, but Echo assures him that she is long gone and if they don’t leave they won’t be able to find her. Despite being the leader of the Bad Batch, Hunter has made a lot of tactical errors over the past eight episodes, so it was nice to see Echo step up and call a few shots. 

The Bad Batch Episode 9
Omega and Todo | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

On Cad Bane’s ship, Omega finds herself trapped in a holding cell with no way to contact the Bad Batch. She doesn’t stay trapped for too long, however, because she manages to trick Todo into letting her out of the cell so she can repair the damage he received during the shoot-out. 

With Omega retrieved, the Kaminoans discuss their plans for Omega. Rather than allowing Nala Se to go to collect Omega, the Prime Minister sends Taun We to meet Cad Bane at their abandoned Bora Vio facility. Much to Nala Se’s disappointment, the Prime Minister reveals that once Omega’s genetic material is retrieved, they plan to terminate her. 

The Bad Batch Episode 9
Echo, Wrecker, and Hunter react to Tech's news. | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Back on the Marauder, Echo has identified Cad Bane as the bounty hunter that took Echo and Tech has discovered a key piece of information that audiences have long been waiting to learn more about. Omega is not an amalgamation of genetic material or a Palpatine clone or whatever theory was trending last week. Omega is, in fact, a pure first-generation Jango Fett clone. Just like Boba Fett. 

Omega finds her communicator just in time for them to arrive at Bora Vio and she escapes from Cad Bane into the abandoned lab. She manages to make contact with the Bad Batch, but Cad Bane tracks her down and destroys the communicator before they can get a clear signal for her location. He drags her through the lab to where Taun We is waiting with his credits. Unfortunately for Cad Bane, getting his payment just got a lot more difficult. 

The Bad Batch Episode 9
Fennec Shand makes Cad Bane's life difficult. | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Up until this point, “Bounty Lost” was a pretty fun episode, but the moment that Fennec Shand stepped out of the smoke and shadows — it became the best episode to date. Cad Bane is arguably one of the best bounty hunters of this era and Fennec Shand gives him a run for his money. She may be an up-and-coming bounty hunter, but she very nearly killed Cad Bane on numerous occasions during their repeated scuffles during the episode. 

Fennec Shand pursues Omega into the test tube-filled laboratory and doles out a piece of sage advice that undoubtedly sums up who Shand is as a bounty hunter: “The only person you can rely on is yourself.” Yes, this is The Bad Batch, but this single piece of dialogue got me thinking about the upcoming Book of Boba Fett series and what this means for her team-up with Boba Fett. Especially following the reveal that Omega is essentially Boba Fett’s sister. Paired with the episode’s final reveal that Fennec Shand was hired by Nala Se to ensure Omega’s escape from the Prime Minister’s plans for her — I hope all of this comes up over some spotchka in the palace this December. 

The Bad Batch Episode 9
Fennec Shand receives her payment from Nala Se. | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Omega attempts to escape in a flight pod and very nearly gets herself killed. Luckily for her, the Bad Batch arrives and sweeps her up into the Marauder just in the nick of time. At Echo’s prompting, Hunter explains to Omega why the Kaminoans are so determined to get her back. She’s different. I was slightly disappointed that her reunion with the Bad Batch was centered around why she’s different and conveying information, rather than playing into the connection the past eight episodes have tried to establish between her and the Bad Batch. 

The last scene mostly made up for that disappointment, as Hunter gets down on Omega’s level and tries to comfort and assure her that she’s never going back to Kamino. Hopefully, this is the start of Hunter being more of a father figure to Omega, as he was positioned to be in the premiere. 

The Bad Batch Episode 9
Hunter comforts Omega. | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

While Omega’s plight was the focus of the episode, two of the strongest aspects of “Bounty Lost” were Echo and Fennec Shand. And yes, I’m completely biased. Echo was one of my favorite clones from The Clone Wars and to see him have a bigger part within the Bad Batch this week was exciting. Over the first half of The Bad Batch, he hasn’t had a major role. He’s just been there for comedic relief. Since he started his life as a “reg” he operates in a much different style than the Bad Batch, which makes him a better leader than Hunter in these non-militaristic moments. 

The Bad Batch Episode 9
Echo urges Hunter to tell Omega the truth. | Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Seeing Fennec Shand take on Cad Bane was probably the most exciting moment thus far. She utilized a multitude of different weapons and tactics, proving that she is a worthy opponent for even the most feared bounty hunters out there. But also, learning that she was after Omega for an honorable cause? Glorious

With Omega reunited with the Bad Batch, one has to wonder what surprises The Bad Batch has in store for us over the next seven episodes. 

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