Review: The High Republic: Adventures #8

The High Republic: Adventures is back in a brand new issue and the loose threads of Zeen and Krix’s conflict from the first story arc converge with the second story arc, propelling the band of beloved Padawans into a new conflict with the Nihil.

The High Republic: Adventures #8

Star Wars: The High Republic: Adventures
The High Republic Adventures begins with Farzala and Qort returning from their harrowing adventure on Bilbousa. In their absence, Lula, Zeen, and the rest of the Padawan crew have endured the conflict on Valo and now have Ram (one of the main characters of Race to Crashpoint Tower) in tow. Farzala and Qort have also returned with a new friend, Ishnar Ti-Kharatal, who had assisted them during their ordeal with the Hutts.

At this, Zeen reflects on the fact that she’s no longer the new arrival among the Jedi and, given everyone’s changed appearances, plenty of time has elapsed since was rescued on Trymant. I have only had these characters in my life for around seven months and already it feels like watching children grow up right before your eyes.

Aboard the Gaze Electric, Krix has also matured beyond the strident little boy that was taken in by the Eye. He now wears clothes that are not dissimilar from Marchion Ro’s, fur around his shoulders, and sleek armor befitting of the Nihil warrior he’s becoming. The chip on Krix’s shoulder is still evident as he plots how to destroy the Jedi and his once best friend, Zeen. In his discussion with Marchion, it is revealed that Marchion has allowed Krix into his inner circle and promoted him above the Nihil who have been there longer than him.

One has to wonder what Marchion Ro’s underlying intent is by taking Krix under his proverbial wing. Krix is young and, while he proves himself as a Nihil throughout the issue, he is far from the type of character one would expect Ro to favor. I wonder if Charles Soule’s upcoming comic, which delves into Marchion Ro’s origin story, will reveal that Marchion Ro sees some aspect of his own youth in Krix.

Back on the Starlight Beacon, the young Padawan reflect on what happened on Valo and discuss the loss of Master Loden Greatstorm. Master Kantam and Buckets of Blood listen to their questions, which sound a lot like the questions seen on Twitter in the wake of The Rising Storm. They also reveal that they have been designated as a special task force to handle what has occurred with the Nihil and, much to Zeen's disappointment, they reveal that Krix has been behind some of the recent attacks. She assures them that there is no longer a close relationship between her and Krix and insists to be part of the action.

Krix’s desire to rid the galaxy of Jedi takes us to a familiar location — Takodana, where Maz Kanata and a single Jedi are located. The final beat of the issue sets the scene for what’s to come: the Jedi are headed to Takodana and Krix is leading his own band of Nihil to destroy the temple there.

The High Republic: Adventures #8


The new issue tugs at the loose strands from the first story arc.

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