Review: The KRX Ultrasonic Cleaner is a Perfect At-Home Jewelry Cleaner

Glasses wearers know that cleaning your glasses can be a real pain in the neck. Sometimes the towel you use leaves fibers behind or sometimes you smudge the lense in the cleaning process. Well, the KRX Ultrasonic Cleaner is the answer to your problem and it isn’t just for glasses!

This ultrasonic cleaner uses 47,000 Hz of ultrasonic vibrations to create millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles to clean silverware, jewelry, and braces in addition to glasses! You can even clean small children’s toys, pacifiers, and dentures! KRX does caution against attempting to clean wooden articles, soft-surface gems, welded metals, bonded gemstones, items that have scratches or cracks, and of course, don’t attempt to submerge batteries or electrical items.

The KRX Ultrasonic cleaner comes in a convenient size, measuring in at a little under 8” by 4” with a good-grade stainless steel interior that’s around 2.16” deep. Of course, the stainless steel interior means you won’t have to worry about using the cleaner on itself.

As with any product, it’s always important to check out its specifications before getting frustrated with your purchase. One downside to the KRX Ultrasonic Cleaner is that, while it promises to allow you to clean silverware, it doesn’t necessarily fit every piece of silverware it might encounter. It does, however, remove the blueish tint of tarnish from most pieces of silverware, though it does require a few additional cycles to really get through stubborn tarnish that may have been on the silverware for a while.

KRX Cleaner Image

The instructions are fairly straightforward: plug it in, fill the interior chamber with water, decide whether you want to use detergent for an added boost, place the object you’re cleaning in the water, select the mode and length of time you want it to clean, and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. It’s actually really impressive to watch how the vibrations knock dirt, smears, and age-old grime off of glasses or jewelry. Not only is the KRX Ultrasonic Cleaner compact and unobtrusive, but it is also very quiet.

While I didn’t have any issues with the cleaner’s cycle settings, there are a number of buyers who have had problems getting the device to turn on and vibrate for longer than a few seconds. It’s important to read through the instructions thoroughly and get it replaced if there’s a manufacturer issue. The KRX store offers 24-hour customer service, to provide support and ensure product quality.

Overall, the KRX Ultrasonic Cleaner is a wonderful addition to anyone’s home, especially for those who like their diamonds to sparkle and their gold to gleam. There are a number of similar products on the market presently, but for under $40 you can get a great product with excellent customer support.

Buy the KRX Ultrasonic Cleaner on Amazon for $37.

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