Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak (#1)

Between traumatizing us with Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic and breaking our hearts with The Rising Storm, Cavan Scott also has a four-part miniseries launching today under IDW’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures series. The Monster of Temple Peak follows the saber for hire, Ty Yorrick, who was introduced in The Rising Storm.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak (#1)

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak
Set in the aftermath of the Great Disaster and in the build-up to Chancellor Soh’s grandiose Republic Fair, the miniseries starts with an introduction to what Ty Yorrick has been doing before she arrives to save the day in The Rising Storm. Being a saber for hire isn’t all that glamorous or lucrative, especially when her missions involve tracking down an unruly Gundark for an exotic animal smuggler.

Despite killing the Gundark and angering her employer, rumors of Ty Yorrick’s skills as a monster hunter appear to have spread far and wide, given the fact that a young Segredo comes to watch her in action. Much to the chagrin of her trusty secretary-droid Kayel, Ty returns to her ship empty-handed after failing to turn the Gundark over alive.

Ty is presented with two potential missions and she leaves it up to chance, using Varazeen stones to choose between an extraction on Toydaria or a call for help from a settlement on Loreth. The stones choose the latter, and Ty heads to the Galactic Frontier to Wyke Town to meet with a man named Layton.

Layton tells Ty about how his people are being tormented by a Gretalax, a beast that was previously believed to be extinct. Most recently, the creature attacked their settlement and caused his niece Pela to be exposed to Rhydon fumes, which left her mute and unwell. He tells Ty where to find the creature ⁠— at the top of Temple Peak ⁠— and she heads off to find it. Those with arachnophobia may want to sit this one out because the final panel has Ty going up against a terrifyingly large spider-like creature. Why couldn’t it be a terrifying butterfly, Cavan?

The main storyline is not all we’re treated to in The Monster of Temple Peak. Interspersed throughout the issue are flashbacks to Ty’s time with the Jedi Order. As we learn in The Rising Storm, at some point during her training she left and became a saber for hire, rather than continuing with her training. In the flashbacks, we see Ty as a young Jedi Apprentice sparring with the Padawan Klias Teradine when Master Cibaba arrives. Later, we see a brief moment where Ty and Klias are about to get themselves into a little trouble.

With three more issues remaining in this miniseries, I anticipate that we are due to see a deeper dive into Ty’s youth, but I also believe that we will see more of her backstory in the mainline books, hopefully in the near future. There must be a reason as to why Ty chose to leave the Jedi Order and I’m certain there’s some pain involved with that plot point.

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that I have seen Rachael Stott’s artwork in a comic and I am obsessed. I try not to compare artists and their unique artistic styles because I genuinely love all of the artists working on The High Republic, but there is something about Stott’s art style that was so visually compelling that I didn’t want to turn the page until I had fully taken in the scenes unfolding. From the designs of the new characters introduced in the issue to the framing and styling of each page, I cannot wait to see what she does next with this miniseries.

The combination of Cavan Scott’s ability to hurt us, in the best ways, with the stunning artwork of Rachael Stott, is bound to make for a comic series that readers won’t want to miss.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak is out August 11th, 2021. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak


A compelling and beautiful first issue.

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