Review: The Mouse Watch: Underwater Is a Mousetastic Read

Fresh from the thrills and adventure of The Mouse Watch, Bernie and Jarvis are thrust into a new journey in The Mouse Watch: Underwater. J.J. Gilbert’s second Mouse Watch novel is filled with all-new threats and evil masterminds determined to destroy their civilization. 

The Mouse Watch: Underwater is a Mousetastic Read

The Mouse Watch Underwater

Their mission is to travel to Catlantis, an underwater city that’s 1,000 years old in search of a highly sought-after power source. And yes, it is an underwater city ruled by cats. Empress Cleopatra Marshmallow Fluffyface the III welcomes Bernie and Jarvis into the city as honored guests — so honored in fact that they plan to have them for a feast! 

Bernie and Jarvis have a lot to deal with in The Mouse Watch: Underwater, seeing as the R.A.T.S is still after them and in hot pursuit of the same power source that they’re seeking for the Mouse Watch. Fortunately, Jarvis has an old friend who’s still a member of the R.A.T.S, Juno, who doesn’t want to see Jarvis or Bernie injured. 

Fortunately, Bernie and Jarvis have been outfitted with all sorts of new and unusual tech and gadgets that make their agentry pursuits that much easier. 

Like with the first novel, where Bernie learned important lessons about not judging Jarvis just because he was a rat, Jarvis is met with challenges that force him to overcome his own fears. In this case, he is deathly afraid of water — to the point that nearly quits the Mouse Watch! 

I can’t blame him for being afraid of water. They’re stuck in the S.S. Cheese Dip underwater and they’re attacked by electric eels and sharks! That’s enough to make anyone want to quit. When the S.S. Cheese Dip is damaged, they meet Octavia, a former Mouse Watch agent and captain of her own underwater vessel. 

With Dr. Thornpaw defeated in the previous novel, Kryptos is the new supervillain that Bernie and Jarvis are faced with. Will they get to the power source first? Will our beloved Mouse Watch agents survive the ordeal? What will they do in the next novel now that Kryptos has declared war? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 

For nostalgic readers, yes, Chip and Dale do make an appearance in The Mouse Watch: Underwater

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The Mouse Watch: Underwater


A Fun Middle-Grade Read


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