Review: The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher is a Riotous Good Time 

Johnny Constantine has a way of getting himself into trouble, both in our world and the ghost realm. Which is precisely why he finds himself left with no other choice than to leave England to attend school in America. With his parent’s blessing of course. Well, more like a demonically persuaded blessing.

Unfortunately for “Kid” Constantine, America isn’t without its own magical dilemmas and he quickly finds himself faced with a race against time to stop the end of the world. 

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher is a Riotous Good Time

When I found out that The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher was about John Constantine — or rather, Johnny Constantine — I had to have it. Few people in my life know that John Constantine is one of my all-time favorite DC Comics characters, but he is and this graphic novel is everything that I wish I could have had when I was in middle school. 

Johnny Constantine, who prefers to go by “Kid” Constantine since he’s one of those mysterious, charming lone wolf types who wears a suit-and-tie tee and trench coat, is everything you would imagine a young John Constantine would be. He’s a menace, always getting himself into some form of trouble, and he’s got magical abilities. Magical abilities that he tries to keep under wraps, except when he finds someone just like him in America. 

Despite claiming that everyone likes him because of his charming charms, Constantine doesn’t make many friends when he starts attending Junior Sucess Boarding School. Maybe it’s because it’s the middle of the year or maybe it’s because he calls everyone “love” and is a little too smarmy. But being a social outcast puts him in the path of the school’s other outcast — Anna, who just so happens to have magical powers. 

It’s a good thing these two magical outcasts find each other because they might just be the only ones that can stop their possessed history teacher from opening a world-ending portal! 

Anna is a formidable character in her own right, but I adored her dynamic with Constantine. They were such kids, trying to figure out where they stood with one another and he certainly made this more difficult by trying to act like he was too cool to have friends. 

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher is a joy to read from start to finish. Ryan North’s story and dialogue are just so enjoyable. I loved the way he brought Constantine’s personality to life and paired with Derek Charm’s illustration style, I spent the entire time imagining this as an animated series. I want to see more of Constantine and Anna’s misadventures, especially if their friendly demon Etrigan is along for the ride. 

There is just so much to love in The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher and if you love John Constantine as much as I do, then you won’t want to miss out on this graphic novel. I know “kid versions” of characters aren’t for everyone, but there is just so much of the snark and charm of the adult Constantine that is boiled down into this pint-sized menace. 

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher is out today.

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher


A Riotous Good Time

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