Review: ‘Titans’ Season 3 Finally Shows Fans What Raven Has Been Up To

Titans Season 3 has spent a lot of time on the rise of Red Hood, Scarecrow’s escape, and budding relationships, but fans have yet to see Raven and exactly how she is trying to bring Donna back – until now! Not only does episode 9 share with viewers that she is with Donna’s people, the Amazonians, but it also spends some time with Donna herself in the afterlife.

Titans Season 3 Finally Shows Fans What Raven Has Been Up To

Raven is impatiently learning from Donna’s people on the island, but she is ready to bring Donna back. She tries to use her magic powers to do so and in turn finds herself in quite a bit of trouble. Because of her not listening, she is tasked with stacking a ton of rocks back to a formation — a formation that is to represent the soul. The point of this is to show her just how difficult it is to recreate something as intricate as that. Even with using her powers she has a difficult time, and by the end of the episode has come to terms with the fact that Donna is gone, and she isn't coming back.

The majority of this episode of Titans season 3 takes place in the afterlife, and not just with Donna. It all starts when Tim Drake wakes up on a train in this crazy black and white world. He is confused and does not remember getting shot by Scarecrow or dying.

Coincidentally that very same train is the one that Donna Troy, who died in Season 2, is on. Tim is scared and jumps off the train before reaching his destination and Donna being the hero she is, follows him. After some strange creatures show up and attack them they are saved by a very pleasant surprise – Hank, who died back in episode 3 of this season. He is still very much angry at Jason for killing him, by the way.

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He has been exploring the wilderness for a while and explains to Tim and Donna that if you get off the train before you reach your destination your soul is up for grabs. Those creatures are ghouls that are trying to steal their souls and bring them to Hades – where he says you won't ever come back from.

Hank and Donna have a deep conversation where she opens up to him about how she does not want to go back to Earth. She says she just wants to move forward with her “after” life, which Hank cannot believe. He says that he has heard rumors of a bridge that will to lead them back to Earth life. Donna does not want to go, but Tim convinces her that he just needs another chance after dying like a coward, and being shot in the back as he ran away.

Tim explains to them both that he knows exactly who they are. Fans of him from the comic books know he is a fanboy when it comes to superheroes, which is something that was touched on in the previous episode.

When ghouls come after them again, Hank is able to manifest guns just by thinking really hard about wanting them. He shares this trick with Donna and Tim, make it obvious it is going to come in handy later on in the episode.

Tim, Hank, and Donna make it to the bridge without much incident, but when they start to cross they are attacked by more ghouls. Donna thinks up a sword while poor Hank is stuck with nun-chucks that he continuously hits himself in the head with. Young Tim is too scared to do anything, and is frozen on the bridge letting them help him.

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The longer the fight goes on, the more ghouls show up and eventually, the bridge starts to crumble. Donna is left on the side closest to Earth while Tim and Hank are the other side. Hank and Donna encourage Tim to jump and Donna catches him with a lasso in one of the coolest and best shot scenes of the episode.

Hank is left unable to cross to the other side of the bridge and plays the hero. He fends off the rest of the ghouls so Donna and Tim can go back to Earth. After he gets back to the limbo area, he meets up with his step-brother Don Hall. They talk about how many people in the afterlife need heroes to help save them from the ghouls. It seems like Hank has truly found his calling, and will be happy enough in this world, despite wanting to go home.

Back on Earth, Tim wakes up in the emergency room, still suffering from his bullet wound. Donna wakes up on her island and Raven is able to sense her return. The two friends do not get reunited however because Donna immediately rushes off to find Bruce. Earlier in the episode, he was seen preparing to kill himself, and he would have succeeded if Donna did not show up. She saves him from his burning home, and he is surprised to see her alive again – just imagine how the other Titans will feel when they find out!

While this is not the most action-packed of episodes, it does help viewers tie up some loose ends. There is closure with Hank, who seems happy, and finally some insight into where Raven has been this whole time. It seems that the point of the episode is to introduce fans to Tim without too much of the main story making it hard to get to know him. Because of the way this was done, it is one of the best episodes of the season.

Titans Season 3 Finale


While this is not the most action-packed of episodes, it does help viewers tie up some loose ends.

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