Review: ‘Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed’ Is a Call to Arms for Truth, Justice, and Liberty

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed is a timely and timeless story about having compassion for one another. 

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Spoiler Warning

Wonder Woman’s origins have been revisited and reborn countless times since her comic debut in 1941. Tempest Tossed is the Wonder Woman origin story that the world desperately needs right now. It’s not just a coming-of-age story, it’s a story about immigration, government corruption, homelessness, and child trafficking.

Rather than facing off against gods or supervillains, Diana is faced with the grim reality of the world beyond the oasis of Themyscira. The villains of New York City come with higher stakes — childhood hunger, kidnapping, and morally bankrupt men. 

Despite being far from Themyscira, the spirit of her family and her culture are present with her in New York City. She looks for signs that she belongs; whether it’s a road sign for Queens or in the way she sees Hestia, the goddess of family and home, in the Statue of Liberty.

She feels the presence of the Five Mothers as she lives her day-to-day life. It’s a message that says, even when you’re far from home, your home is always with you. 

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Familiar Wonder Woman characters are given new lives in Tempest Tossed. Steve Trevor has been split into the form of a couple, Steve and Trevor Chang, who works for the United Nations and meet Diana as a refugee fighting to reunite a sick child with their mother.

Steve’s plucky and beloved assistant Ette Candy is now Henke Cukierke, a compassionate Polish grandmother who takes Diana in when she moves to New York City. I was amused by this clever name choice, Cukierke is Polish for “candy” and Etta and Henke both mean “home”. 

In Themyscira, Diana grapples with who she is. She feels limited by the fact that she is a “changeling” and she is disheartened that she lacks the strength of the Amazonians around her. Her strength, however, isn’t physical — her strength is her heart and her drive to do the right thing.

That compassion is what drives her to help the refugees that wash ashore on Themyscira, which inadvertently traps her beyond the barrier in the middle of the Mediterranian Sea. 

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Set to the stunning artwork of Leila del Duca and colorist Kelly Fitzpack, Laurie Halse Anderson has outdone herself by tackling serious issues with a deft hand.

While some readers might feel that there are too many topics packed into one graphic novel, they are a harsh reminder of what citizens face daily. She introduces Diana, and the reader, to the plights of immigrants with reverence and understanding that the world could use more of. 

In a sense, Tempest Tossed is a call to arms to use our individual strengths to do something to help our neighbors. 

Wealth of Geeks thanks DC & NetGallery for providing us with a free copy for review. Pick up your own copy of Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed June 2, 2020. Be sure to check out DC's newest YA novel Nubia: Real One

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