It’s Time To Revisit ‘Party Down’ Before the Revival

When it comes to comedies, we tend to air on the side of caution when revisiting them. Not that all comedies don’t age well but just that some jokes were of their time and so when you go back, it just feels like reliving old jokes. If anyone seems to have avoided that in his work, it is Adam Scott. Having brought to life characters like Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation, he’s no stranger to the comedy scene but there was a short-lived Starz series called Party Down that Scott was on prior to his turn on Parks and Rec that is finally getting its due.

The series lasted for two seasons and followed a catering company of failed creatives as they kept trying their hand at Hollywood. Scott played Henry Pollard, a man who got popular from a commercial that had him yelling “Are we having fun yet?” and resulted in fans constantly screaming it at him. And throughout the series, we got to see his relationship to Lizzy Caplan’s Casey grow and the antics of Ken Marino’s Ron Donald or Megan Mullally’s Lydia Dunfree.

The question now is: Is the original series worth a revisit? As I stated before, comedy is a hard pill to take again. Sometimes, you just have to live with the memories and leave the show behind. But with Party Down, it is more about you wanting these characters to succeed but knowing that they’re just simply not going to make it in Hollywood and clearly that’s the truth as the show is coming back after 12 years and we got a look at Adam Scott still wearing the iconic catering uniform of a white shirt and pink bowtie.

Shows like Party Down are the kind I want people to go back to most. When you think about series like Arrested Development, it grew in popularity over time and that’s sort of the same thing that happened with Party Down. The series didn’t end because of anything bad, it just was (frankly) a sleeper hit and throughout the years, fans went back to the series and fell in love with its chaotic energy.

party down adam scott
Courtesy of Starz

What makes the series so special is that they’re imperfect. With a lot of comedies, we know the characters are flawed but they don’t necessarily know that. With Party Down, people like Henry Pollard are well aware of the fact that he has “failed” by his own standards but he’s not giving up. He knows his limitations but he’s still trying and it is strangely inspiring in its own warped way.

Party Down is the kind of funny where you realize the entire episode has been setting you up for one joke. In the pilot, they make the “Are we having fun yet” joke in the beginning and at first it’s just okay but at the end of the episode, when Henry finds himself in a car with a woman giving him a handjob, he finally says the quote himself and it is truly one of the funniest buttons on a pilot episode I’ve seen in a long while.

That kind of humor carries out within the show and keeps you coming back to the series and to this day, fans still think about bits from Party Down even if the show ended back in 2010. It has a lasting impact given just how talented the cast is (and all that they went on to do) and how it has remained a staple with comedy fans. So going back to the series in preparation for the revival series is a great choice. But even if Party Down wasn’t coming back to us, I’d still say it is one of those series people should try and watch as many times as possible.

At the end of the day, if you can, I’d say to revisit Party Down or, if you’re new to it, go into it with an open heart. It’s a beautiful look at the talent of Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch, Ryan Hansen, and the entire cast but it also gives us a group of characters who are imperfect in the best way. And you want to head into the revival series fresh, right?

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Rachel Leishman is a writer based in New York City.  She specializes in yelling about her favorite properties. A real-life Leslie Knope, she loves her fictional characters and knows probably too much about Harrison Ford's career.