Capitol Rioter Who Propped Feet on Pelosi’s Desk Convicted

Richard Barnett, the man who was photographed with his feet on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk during the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, was found guilty on Monday on eight counts following his role in the mob attack two years ago.

After two hours of consideration, a Washington, D.C. jury convicted Barnett on felony charges of civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding, amongst others. He is scheduled to be sentenced in May.

Barnett Testifies He ‘Was Just in The Moment'

According to The Tribune-Democrat, Barnett, 62, testified last Thursday that he was looking for a bathroom inside the Capitol when he unwittingly entered Pelosi’s office and encountered two news photographers.

He said one of the photographers told him to “act natural,” so he leaned back in a chair and flung his legs onto the desk.

“Did it dawn on you that what you were doing could cause some trouble?” Defense attorney Joseph McBride asked Barnett.

“I was just in the moment,” Barnett replied. “I’m just kind of going with the flow at this point.”

Regarding his verdict, Barnett argues that he was not given a fair trial:

Richard Barnett says he was “absolutely not” given a fair trial.

“This is not a jury of my peers. I do not agree with the decision but I do appreciate the process. We are surely gonna appeal.”

— Logan Schiciano (@LoganSchiciano) January 23, 2023

Twitter Does Not Hold Back

People have shared their excitement over the news:

MAGA terrorist Richard Barnett who broke into Speaker Pelosi’s office on Jan 6 and was seen with his feet on her desk has just been convicted on all counts including civil disorder, felony obstruction and theft of government property.

Lock them all up. Keep it going. 🍷

— Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) January 23, 2023

@LauraLoomer sees it as a “travesty of justice” and says that the reporters asked Barnett to put his feet on the desk:

This is a travesty of justice.

I attended the trial & Richard Barnett was ASKED TO PUT HIS FEET ON NANCY PELOSI’S DESK by two reporters who suspiciously just happened to be inside her office on J6 telling J6ers to pose for staged photos.

Also, FBI perjured themselves in trial.

— Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) January 23, 2023

One Twitter user suggest a bigger conspiracy at play, one that involves U.S. former president Donald Trump:

That’s so messed up knowing Nancy Pelosi and some of the Democrats party set the whole thing up just to discredit Donald Trump

— Howard Stone (@HowardS52866483) January 23, 2023

Twitter Calls Barnett Photo ‘Iconic'

Someone also says, “Great news. Now to address everyone in the Government who played a part or supported it.”

@DebRobertsABC reminds the media of the “iconic image” and the subject of the latest verdict:

So many people remember this iconic image from Jan. 6th two years ago. Richard Barnett, the guy seen here, was just convicted on all 8 insurrection charges. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

— Deborah Roberts (@DebRobertsABC) January 23, 2023

@kyledcheney reports that there was no “visible reaction” from Barnett as the verdict was passed.

NEWS: Richard BARNETT has been *convicted* on all counts, including felony obstruction, civil disorder and theft of govt property (envelope from desk in Pelosi’s office.

Total silence in courtroom as verdict was read. No visible reaction from Barnett.

— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) January 23, 2023

Judge Determines Barnett Is Not a Flight Risk

He adds, “Judge Cooper denies DOJ motion to immediately detain Barnett pending sentencing, saying he’s not a flight risk and will remain on home detention until sentenced.”

@audiomagnate says, “Felony obstruction will get you every time – unless of course you're Donald Trump and then it's just business as usual.”

@Real_RobN supports the claims that the attack on the U.S. Capitol was coordinated:

Pelosi’s Coordinated Attack

Gov’t’s own witness Captain Carneysha Mendoza, tactical commander for Capitol Police testified Wed at trial of Richard Barnett [famously photographed feet on Pelosi’s desk on J6] how a GROUP of AGITATORS destroyed security barriers and LURED people IN

— 🇺🇸RealRobert🇺🇸 (@Real_RobN) January 14, 2023

“MAGA Proud Boys are violent people. Trump administration was dancing while watching the attack,” a user says.

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