25 Best Rick and Morty Gifts for the Ultimate Fan

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With a release date for Season 4 finally being announced after an agonising wait, Rick and Morty fans are bound to be counting down the days to November right about now. What better way to wait impatiently than to check out some of the best Rick and Morty gifts available? That’s what we think, anyway!

1. Rick And Morty – TV Show Poster/Print

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If you’re looking for something that sums up the entire spirit of the show, then this poster is a sure bet! Filled with quotes and images from the previous Rick and Morty seasons, it serves as a great reminder of everything that’s awesome about the show.

2. Rick: Not Arguing T-Shirt

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Who doesn’t love a classic Rick quote? The great typography and the unrepentant sass make this t-shirt a must have for any Rick and Morty fan.

3. Rick and Morty Spinning Portal Pendant

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The portal is an integral part of the show. Without it, Rick and Morty’s adventures would never even happen. This pendant is subtle enough to be worn as part of work or everyday attire, all the while reminding you of the possibility of other dimensions and possibly your own doppelgängers out there.

4. Meeseeks Gift Set

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Any Mr. Meeseeks fans out there? This one is for you! Why have one Meeseeks product when you can have several, all in one fantastic gift set? This is a fabulous gift for a friend or a treat for yourself and comes in a lovely Mr. Meeseeks style box which you can keep and reuse. Bonus!

5. Rick And Morty Deluxe Note Card Set

rick and morty note card set

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I am a self-admitted stationery addict so, of course, some form of stationery was bound to make its way onto this list! Plus, how can you not love this wonderful little Rick and Morty note set? Send everyone you love some nerdy lub a dub a dub dub with these unique note cards that are designed for interdimensional travelers!

6. Show Me What You Got T-Shirt

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What have you got to show them? Well, this fabulous t-shirt for a start! These guys are waiting for a song, but shh, we won’t tell them that you’re not too hot on the vocals. Maybe you can dazzle them with your style instead. Or you could Get Schwifty with #7…

7. Get Schwifty T-Shirt

get schwifty t-shirt

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There’s plenty of Get Schwifty Rick and Morty products out there, but this one really stood out due to the Multiverse Tour list on the back that makes it look like a real band tee (“What do you mean, like a real band tee?? It was real!” I hear you say).

8. Stance x Rick and Morty Crash Landing Socks

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You’re probably thinking, socks, really? Yep, socks! Socks are amazing. They don’t just keep our feet warm and snuggly but they’re a great way to add a bit of geekiness to your attire especially if your work attire is really formal.

Throw on some geeky socks and it adds a little bit of fun to your day, as well as some rebellion to the stifling clothing regulations placed on you by your employers. Try it one day and I bet you’ll find yourself smiling at least once throughout the day at your silly socks!

9. Loungefly x Rick and Morty Snuffles Backpack

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Snowball/Snuffles the adorable puppy that becomes intelligent and ends up dominating his human family… hey, what? As people tell you how cute your backpack is you can get a chuckle at the thought of knowing the real story about Snowball.

10. Rick and Morty Coloring Book

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I’m always on the lookout for unique gift ideas for people, and this one definitely popped up under the cool Rick and Morty stuff category. Colouring books are a great way to relax, and nerdy ones can be great fun to color in too.

The weird and wacky nature of Rick and Morty’s adventures is sure to lead to some interesting designs to color in; I mean, just look at the cover design for a start!

11. Rick and Morty All Zip-Up Hoodie

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The vivid design of this hoodie looks almost too good to be true, yet a look at the reviews and the evidence speaks for itself; they really are that good! This is just one of several Rick and Morty designs available in their extraordinary splendor which covers every inch of the hoodie. A wearable piece of art that is among the most unique of Rick and Morty gifts.

12. Snuffles Was My Slave Name T-Shirt

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Proclaim your support for canine rights with this Snuffles/Snowball T-shirt and take a stand against the humans who are enslaving the dogs on Planet Earth!

13. Rick’s Ship USB Light

rick and morty lamp

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This dinky little USB light is so cute and super versatile! The bendy cord means that it can be positioned as needed and it can be plugged in anywhere too. Perfect for the Rick and Morty fan who has a small (or cluttered) desk, likes to read or travels a lot!

14. Rick and Morty Labcoat Costume T-Shirt

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Don’t just be a fan, actually become Rick with this t-shirt. It’s perfect for casual cosplays; just pair it with some brown pants and voila! We don’t advise trying to replicate Rick’s shapeshifting adventures though, although if you did, #15 might help…

15. Pickle Rick Plush Pillow

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This Pickle Rich pillow is a great Rick and Morty gift for couch potatoes, campers, or even festival goers, especially as we’re just heading into festival season.

16. Mr. Meeseeks Earrings

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These Mr. Meeseeks stud earrings were just too adorable not to include on this list! Wear them as part of a casual outfit or as a nerdy twist to a more formal occasion.

17. Tiny Rick Greatest Hits T-Shirt

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The greatest concert that never was; Tiny Rick, the Greatest Hits! Celebrate all things Tiny Rick with this classic band style t-shirt.

18. Rick – Your Opinion Mug

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This is a personal recommendation from me as we actually have this one at home. My partner was pretty happy to receive this in a subscription box and loves having a mug with a sarcastic slogan on it. Perfect for situations when you want to be tongue in cheek and can’t say what you really feel – just blame it on Rick!

19. Mr. Meeseeks Men's T-Shirt

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Poor Mr. Meeseeks! All he wanted to do was fix everything and when he can’t he’s left in pain. “Existence is pain” is something we can all agree on from time to time.

20. Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

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I saw this and my first thought was: what could possibly go wrong?! Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons; the epic tale you never knew you needed. If you’re looking for funny Rick and Morty gifts, then this is one of my top picks!

21. Funko Pop Tees Morty-Pickle Rick Rat Party T-Shirt

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Funko Pop loves Rick and Morty as much as we do, so it was difficult to choose one of their products to feature in this guide. In the end, I decided on this T-Shirt as it’s got a really great sinister vibe to it, and the rats in the background just look epic.

22. Rick and Morty Action Movie Poster

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As an 80s kid, I was immediately drawn to the style of this poster; it’s something straight out of my childhood with the main characters front and centre and the villain peeking out mysteriously. The colors are a break away from the traditional bright green and yellow we’re used to from Rick and Morty merchandise which also adds to its appeal and mystique.

23. Meeseeks Box T-Shirt

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There have been several Mr. Meeseek products on this list, but who exactly is he? How do you get one of your own? Never fear, ladies and gentlemen! Instructions on how to get your very own Mr. Meeseeks are available! Got a Problem? Just try the new Meeseeks Box T-Shirt! 😉

24. What Do You Meme Rick and Morty Expansion Pack

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There are several different games in the Rick and Morty gifts category now, including a cooperative game. However, I personally think that a What Do You Meme game is much more fitting for the franchise.

25. Rick and Morty Quarterly Subscription Box

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What’s better than just one Rick and Morty product?! A whole BOX FULL of Rick and Morty things delivered straight to your door every quarter! Yep, this is the motherload folks! The Rick and Morty Subscription Box from Loot Crate is dedicated solely to the show with an MSRP of around $65. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes too, which is another bonus.


You’ve made it to the end of our list of best Rick and Morty gifts and I don’t know about you, but I certainly have some great Rick and Morty gift ideas for the fan in my life! How about you, did anything grab your attention?

Let us know if we missed anything as we’d love to hear about the fabulous Rick and Morty merch you’ve come across too!

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