Rizz, The New Genz Slang Blowing Up TikTok, Can You Guess Its Meaning?

Gen Zs are at it again! Millennials, Gen X-ers, and the baby boomers may feel lost when they hear the term Rizz. There's no better way to make millennials and generations before feel older than when Gen Zs use their online social language. Words like stan, cancel culture, and fam comes to mind. There's no end to how many more terms will make it to the Gen Z lexicon.

Since 2022 the new word “rizz” has had over 9 billion views on TikTok. Thousands of tiktokers and Twitter users are showing off their rizz or telling others how to be a “rizzer”. Now, you're wondering what this strange word may mean. If you're hardly on social media, you may not know. Here's what it means and where it came from.

Rizz and Unspoken Rizz

The Urban Dictionary describes it as a “game” that alludes to how good one is at attracting someone romantically. It is also posited to be a short form derived from the word “charisma.” Put in another way, it has to do with the charm one has that compels others to be attracted to them. They may be good at flirting or just downright likable without putting in so much effort, termed unspoken Rizz.

Gaining “Rizz” requires more work. To succeed, you need to hone your people-reading skills and have an aura of self-assurance. But unspoken rizz requires no such work; with just your glance or smile, your energy captivates the heart of another without as much as uttering a word to them. The inarticulate form of rizz is highly unusual and difficult to acquire.

One has to be born with it or be one of the unlucky ones. The secret to effortless rizz is simply being an incredibly charismatic and intriguing fellow.


Early in 2022, the rizz term was popularized by memes used on TikTok and Twitter, among other platforms. Rizz God, Rizz lord negative rizz, rizzly bear,” rizzard of Oz” and the rizz' chin up' joke were just a few of the many memes that emerged in 2022 to capitalize on the fad. YouTuber Kai Cenat coined the slang “Rizz” to describe his skills in impressing women.

The term has been in use since at least June 2021. The content created by Cenat, explicitly surrounding the word, has caused it to go “viral” on Tik Tok. Cenat classifies rizz into three varieties; W, V, and L; recommends sticking with W and warns against V and L.

Though the term “rizz” was coined to describe a man's “game” or “capacity to attract the female,” it has since been appropriated by women to flaunt their own “swag” on social.

In contrast, Cenat condemned the term's interpretations and variants that gave it a new connotation in an interview with the No Jumper hosts. Cenat has ceased using the slang he coined after its TikTok explosion. In an interview conducted in June 2022, he complained that TikTok butchered the word.

“They killed it,” he told the No Jumper presenters. Because the concept of rizz is to talk to someone and make them like you, even if they didn't like you before, he is explicitly against the unspoken rizz phenomenon.

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