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The 12-Step Roadmap to Debt Freedom
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Anna_Roadmap to Debt Freedom

Hi, I'm Anna!

My blog, And Then We Saved, started just as a way to keep me accountable as I navigated through my brand-new Spending Fast®. Now the Spending Fast® method has helped readers get out of MILLIONS in debt in just a couple years!  

And my book, The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living: How a Spending Fast Helped Me Get From Broke to Badass in Record Time, has given thousands of people hope and has helped them FINALLY get out of debt once-and-for-all. 

Because it worked so well for me, I'm now on a mission to help others get out of debt super fast too. Let me tell you, life is SO much better without debt. You deserve to know what that feels like so you can be who you were put on this earth to be. So you can pursue your passions and really, just be happy and content. You owe it to yourself. Let me show you the way!