16 Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

The holidays are nearly upon us when it comes to Christmas date ideas. 

I don't know about you, but I have considered what Mr. Budget and I could do as a couple. I want to surprise him with some random things over the Christmas holidays, but I also want to have fun doing the simple things we enjoy together. 

What can couples do on Christmas day? 

Without further ado, here are some Christmas date ideas I have found and want to share with you. They can be done on Christmas day or anytime during the festive season. 

16 Things to do this Christmas with your other half

If you're looking for spontaneous romantic ideas to do at home, have these ideas ready:

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Togetherness is a solid theme to strengthen your bond – I enjoyed decorating the tree with Mr. Budget. We ended up being very silly in front of our dog and cat.

You could play Christmas carols, wear a crazy Christmas jumper and prance around the room wearing the decorations – again, very immature but fantastic fun! These memories will stay with me forever.

Men's Christmas jumpers

Christmas jumper dresses are fabulous as they double up as a substantial comfy jumper if you get the next size up.

Check current prices on Women's Christmas jumper dresses.


Another cheap romantic date idea would be to give your partner a full body massage and give them a nice warm bath to relax. Buy a beautiful oil to massage with.

Buy massage oil from Amazon. 

Movie Night

Buy a copy or rent your partner's favorite movie online, or it could be a Christmas classic you both enjoy. Stock up on your favorite movie snacks and drinks. Settle down on the couch under a warm throw and enjoy relaxing in each other's company.

An alternative idea would be to have a box set marathon!

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Get Sexy On A Budget

12 Sexy Days of Christmas: The Dating Divas has a free printable 12-night planner for sexy things to do at Christmas, which looks a bit like an Advent calendar. Every night there is something sexy to do with each other. It only needs you to get the things described, which are relatively inexpensive. Oh, and also printing and cutting the calendar out!

Buy Some Fun Underwear

There's nothing better than to surprise your other half with some new sexy underwear. It doesn't have to be elaborate or uncomfortable, but one idea could be to surprise them on one evening you spend in. 

People love spontaneity, don't they? I personally love Oysho. Their bodysuits are so sexy. (I am not an affiliate for them)

Make Dinner Together

One of the best romantic date night ideas is making dinner together. Agree on what your favorite feed is, and enjoy making it together.

What makes you both feel warm and cozy? Use seasonal vegetables that you can buy cheaply from the local market.

Have a lovely warm drink afterward. You could make it more special by setting the table with lit candles and turning the lights down.

Have a Carpet Banquet

Another thing on my list of fun things to do at home with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a ‘Carpet Banquet.' This is our word for buying takeaway or supermarket Chinese meals/starters and arranging them on the living room floor like a buffet.

 It's straightforward and inexpensive, but Mr. Budget and I started this when we needed more money to spare. Unsurprisingly, we still enjoy it because it is about enjoying each other's company and sharing food. It's a unique, romantic thing to do at home, even if you have kids in bed and the babysitter cancels.

When it comes to christmas date ideas you can't beat a winter stroll

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Have a Walk Around Town, looking at the Christmas Decorations

Nothing beats the simple joy of walking around your local area or town, soaking up the Christmas spirit and commenting on the Christmas lights.

Take a Romantic Stroll

Another romantic thing to do in winter is stroll around your local park. It's great to get out and have some fresh air, especially as you could have a pretty busy schedule.

Quiet time, walking around and chatting about the past and future, and relaxing in each other's company are always fantastic at this time of year. It would also work as a romantic date if you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. 


Stay Safe People!

On your christmas dates make sure you wear a good quality face mask to protect yourself from coronavirus
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Things you will need to need to remember to have with you: 

 A good face mask

Hand sanitizer 

A good facemask will cost anything from £10. The facemask I wear (and am not an affiliate for) is the VP195.

It's available for worldwide shipping. 

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Treat Yourself to a Coffee in Town, and People Watch

Mr. Budget and I indulge in this simple pleasure every week, but in the holidays, we enjoy chatting about the people we see. We make up their life stories and love appreciating all the different people we see. Trust me; this never gets boring -particularly with a big town!

Go to a Quiz Night Together

Another fun thing to do in winter is to test your wits with a quiz. I was pleasantly surprised at how much useless information Mr. Budget knew. It also got us chatting about the questions we were asked – I felt I got to know him so much better in a few nights of quizzing. Plus, it was so funny because he loves to whisper silly comments to me, to try to make me laugh when everyone is soo serious! Try it; you will find it hilarious!

2020 update – find online Christmas quizzes you can do together if the pubs in your area are shut due to lockdown. They are great fun with a glass of your favorite wine! 

Go to the Christmas Markets

One way of achieving romance on a budget could be to take your other half to the Christmas markets. Even if you walk around and look at all the fantastic displays, these Christmas markets tend to have magic. Treat them to a Gluewein and have a giggly evening tucking into a Bratwurst or whatever street food is available. In the UK, most major towns run these types of markets. Look up your local council's website for details of dates.

In 2020, these events would likely be canceled due to C19. You could make Bratwurst at home and warm up some lovely Gluwein after going for a wintry walk. 

Open Air Ice Skating

You could try open-air ice skating. Even if you guys spend all evening clinging to each other or the side of the rink, what could be a better way to giggle? Afterward, you could enjoy a warm coffee, cuddled up together, on the sofa of a coffee shop.

Get active – go Sledging or Skiing or Snowboarding.

This, of course, depends on where you live. When it snows enough to get out sledding in the UK, this is the perfect idea for a fun winter date with your other half. 

It gets you active, having fun, and talking about childhood memories. Afterward, you could make homemade hot chocolate to warm up. 

Manchester, for example, has ChillFactorE, where you can experience luging, snowboarding, or skiing. Book early to reserve your winter date, as these activity centers are top-rated.

ChillfactorE was still open in 2020. You will need to book in advance and follow all social distancing guidelines. 

Book an Escape Room

This is a strategy game where you have to work as a team to get out of a room that you are locked in. This is a fun activity for couples at Christmas if you need to get out of the house. 

It would be worth booking, though, because these centers are very popular and book out quickly. Breakout is an example in Manchester.

In 2020, were you not allowed to go to your area? Why not play online as part of a zoom team? £15 per team. 

Check current prices and learn more. 

Try other Outdoor Activities – Inside

Fun things to do as a couple, if you enjoy a variety of sports, could be booking a climb of an indoor climbing wall or trying an indoor skydive such as Ifly

These are the perfect experiences to be able to look back on and laugh about in the future, and also get to try things that could be out of your comfort zone, but together!

In conclusion

There are so many Christmas date ideas that I want to do. Now I will stick to 4 or 5 things so that we have time to relax and have space away from work.

Balance is everything to us. If you need more inspiration for what activities to share with the family, read my guide to Christmas activities for kids, inspiration for Christmas on a tight budget, and take control of what you want out of Christmas.

Has this helped give you ideas or start points for romantic or active things you can do as a couple in winter? Has it been the catalyst to even better ideas? If so, do share below, please!