The 20 Coolest RPG & DND Dice Sets

If you haven't heard of the iconic game Dungeons and Dragons, you must be living under a rock with the moss and gnomes.

Just in case you have some questions, here is a short description of what Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is and why it is so amazing!

The core of D&D is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more.

You can also explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons through any of the novels written by its fantasy authors, as well as engaging board games and immersive video games. All of these stories are part of D&D.

Pretty great, right? Who wouldn't want to play?

One of the best parts of playing D&D is creating your unique character. Once you have your character all set to go, there is one more thing you may need.

Your very own set of unique dice! Put on your robe and wizard hat, because we have a list of the coolest D&D RPG Dice Sets!

The 20 Coolest RPG and D&D Dice Sets

1. Ragnar's Bone Dice

bone dice

The name alone should give you an indication of how epic this design is. After years of research and trials, they have perfected this design that will call right to your medieval senses.

Unique, Timeless, Stunning, and built to make you feel like a Warrior. The Ragnar's Bone Dice sets encompass everything you could ever want in a personalized set of dice. Can you imagine pulling a set of these out to roll during your campaign?

2. Clanggedin's Battle Gear Battle Worn Gold Metal Dice

20200119 141916 360x

If you are looking for a battle-worn design with a touch of steampunk, this is the set for you!

This set of dice set contains easy to read numbers encased by gears. This gives it that slight steampunk aspect we were referring to. The battle-worn detailing comes in the smaller grid-like etching on all surfaces of the dice.

The rustic gold adds to those antique touches. This would fit into both a medieval or a more modernized D&D campaign!

3. Pheasant's Flower Resin Dice Set

DSC 0345 3 900x

They are beautifully crafted for those flower lovers out there! This set would be absolutely perfect for Aerith of Final Fantasy VII.

This set is a clear resin that is encasing individual bulbs of flowers within. The flowers are of a reddish copper color with some green leaf still attached. The engraved numbers are bright white, so they are an easily legible contrast.

Bring the love of flowers and nature to your next DnD match with this beautiful set!

4. Cleric's Domain Aqua and Bronze Metal Dice

DSC 0017 720x

If Poseidon was playing some underwater D&D in Atlantis, then this is the set that he would use.

The Cleric's Domain Aqua and Bronze Metal dice set are an impressive D&D set to add to your collection. The turquoise color really pops against the bright copper and accentuates the numbers.

The shine of the copper metal combined with the vibrant color lands this set on our list for any of those looking for unique dice for their adventure.

5. Paladins Crusade Charlemagne’s Court Metal Dice

14 720x

A set of dice that is genuinely worthy of King Arthur's Court. Paladin's crusade set is not your average set of dice! They are much larger and heavier than your average metal set so that you cannot doubt that you will be victorious in battle!

This set combines color, detail, and unique style. The numbers themselves have a unique scripting design that adds to the intricate detail of the dice. The unique gold scripting is surrounded by a royal blue and accented with a fiery red. Each piece is then encased in a beautiful bright gold.

Grab your sword and shield because this set is ready to do battle!

6. Black and Copper Enamel Coated Metal Dice

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This set may inspire the inner villain in you. The Black and Copper Enamel Coated Metal Dice set is both dark and mysterious with a hint of flare.

The colors play off of each other nicely, which makes the set itself is quite eye-catching. With it being enamel coated, it has a glossy shine that makes the black against the copper pop.

If you want a sleek and mysterious looking set to roll, check this one out!

7. Dragonborn Breath Acrylic Dice Set

DSC 1329 2 720x

With this set, there will be no doubt that you are the Dragonborn. You can Fus-Ro-Dah while you roll these dice across the table.

This set was made with a mix of an ashen grey and a fiery orange that are carefully swirled together to give the appearance of Dragon's breath. The set is finished off with engraved gold numbers. A truly perfect combination.

If you love Skyrim, Dragons, and everything in between, then you need this set.

8. Ruby Ziosite Stone Dice

20190726 130306 540x

The inner elven warrior in you would love to get their hands on this next set.

The Ruby Zoisite Stone dice has a beautiful crystalized mix of greens and golds with different pigmentation mixed without. The numbers are engraved with bright gold.

This stone truly looks as if they were carved out of the elven lands of Lord of the Rings.

9. Acacia Wood Dice Set

20191031 174416 720x

Both traditional and functional, the Acacia wooden dice set is both classical and practical for all of your DnD needs.

The darkened numbers are engraved in the wood with a darker tone, which gives it a very natural look. The tone of the wood itself is lighter in color and looks as if it was just carved from the forest trees.

This set is perfect for the light of heart looking for a simple and natural dice set.

10. Clanggedin's Battle Gear Blue and Silver Metal Dice

20200119 141921 540x

We are back to our sets of intricate battle dice with another set from the Clanggedin collection.

The darker blue against the bright silver gives a more modern tone than that of the brass. The numbers in this set are bright silver and also surrounded by a silver gear design.

While still having that old-world feel, this set will still a bright and fresh look to the board.

11. Red Tiger Eye Stone Dice

20191227 163447 900x

Mysterious, dark, and sleek. The Red Tiger Eye Stone Dice set will grab the player's attention. Was it built in the fires of Mordor? We will never know.

The stone itself is darkened with red hues and adorned with engraved gold numbering. They are finished off with a very polished look.

This is one of those sets you will have to see for yourself to truly appreciate.

12. Nebula Galaxy Collection Acrylic Dice Set

DSC 0288 2 1080x

You will be prepared to have an intergalactic battle with this set of dice.

The pieces contain multiple different pigments of browns, blues, and greys. They also have a slight adornment of sparkle mixed within as well. The numbers are engraved in bright gold.

These will be an awesome set to blast across the table at your next D&D game!

13. Cloudy Skies Enamel Coated Metal Dice Set

DSC 0052 720x

Both beautiful and bold, these are worthy of a roll by Rinoa's hand.

These dice contain a mix of bright blue and white resembling that of, you guessed it, a cloudy sky! They are encased with a copper-colored metal lining which matches the copper numbers. The entire set is resin-coated to add a nice shine.

Make sure to take a look at this set if you want that light and airy look to your dice.

14. Ebony Wood Dice

20191031 174606 540x

This set feels relaxing and natural with its darker wood tones.

The dice have darker staining to them, which complements and brings out the detailing in the wood. The numbers are engraved in a bright white coloring for ease of use.

This is another set that is perfect for lovers of the forest.

15. Peace Jade Stone Dice

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Yet another set that would be both stunning for play and display. The Peace Jade Stone Set reminds me of Ancient Greece.

If you like to dabble in Greek Mythology, or just love the look of marble, this set will be right up your alley. Multiple tones of grey and white marble are adorned with golden numbering.

Both simplistic and eye-catching this set would be approved by Zeus himself.

16. Black and Wine Dual Enamel Coated Metal Dice

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I could imagine that a Vampire would enjoy playing a game of DnD with this next set of dice!

The Black and Wine coloring of this set makes it both dark and beautiful. The wine color gives it a reddish-purple hue and is surrounded by black metal with black metal numbers.

This is quite the stunning set for any D&D game or Vampire enthusiast!

17. Blue Turquoise Stone Dice Set

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The name of this next one speaks for itself. The coloring of this Stone Dice is absolutely pristine.

This set dons a deep but bright stone turquoise color that truly stands out. The black numbers ingrained in the dice pop against the vibrant blue tone.

This set is simply an amazing statement piece that would stand out regardless of the D&D character that you create in your campaign!

18. Bronze Chrome Metal Dice Set

DSC 1263 2 720x

If you love the shine of copper coins in the vault at Gringotts, then we have found your next set!

This set is gleaming and eye-catching. It is a single color of all copper with engraved black numbering. This set is incredible enough to be mistaken for Goblin currency!

Give these a roll across the table and see how they shine!

19. Multi-Color Rainbow Wood Dice

20191031 174340 720x

A wooden set that would amuse the fairies! The Multi-Color Rainbow Wood Dice set is both unique and natural.

The natural wood graining shows through each individual layer of color. The dice are also adorned with engraved white numbering.

This set is truly unique and would be worthy of any D&D game, or fairy shelf.

20. Blue Aluminum Dice

i Rw7sFSC XL 1080x

Our last set is a bright and bold, modern statement set. The blue Aluminum Dice!

While being available in many colors, the Blue Aluminum has an eye-catching hue that cannot be ignored. It is a deep blue with white number engraving.

This is a perfect dice set for anyone that enjoys adding a modern flair to their tabletop gaming session.

Roll the Dice!

There are an innumerable amount of options for how many different sets of dice are available. This list is just the tip of the amazing DnD dice options that are out there!

Maybe you are new to DnD and need your first set? Or are you an avid collector of dice and enjoy having a set for each character you create?

The options and possibilities are endless! My favorite thing to do is look through them all and see which sets call to me the most. That has been the best way to select my first sets of dice.

Whether it be Dragons and Knights, or Fairies and Elves, your perfect dice set is waiting out there for you just waiting for you to make your first roll.

Which dice set on the list is your favorite?

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