Russell Brand Tour Postponed as Police Investigate

Russell Brand has postponed the remaining stand-up shows on his UK tour as police begin to investigate allegations of sexual abuse and assault leveled at the comedian-turned-conspiracy theorist.

The Metropolitan Police has received a report of an alleged sexual assault committed by Brand in Soho in 2003, the force said.

Documentary Allegedes Abuse

Brand has been accused of sexually and emotionally abusing four women at the height of his fame between 2006 and 2013 as part of a joint investigation by the Times of London, The Sunday Times, and Channel 4 Dispatches.

The Channel 4 dispatches documentary, Russell Brand: In Plain Sight, focused on allegations from four women the comedian allegedly abused at the height of his fame in the UK and America, as well as reports from former coworkers who spoke of Brand's predatory behavior towards female coworkers and audience members.

One woman, identified as Alice, claimed that she had a three-month relationship with Brand when she was 16 and he was 31 and that he forced himself on her and did not stop until she punched him in the stomach.

Alice also claimed that although she was of consenting age in the UK, Brand was controlling and emotionally abusive. She told her how to present the relationship to her family and keep it a secret.

There Was More Than One

Another Woman in the documentary named Nadia claimed Russell Brand sexually assaulted her at his Los Angeles home in 2012 after she refused to engage in intercourse with Brand and “a friend” he wanted to join them.

Several crew members on shows Brand worked on for both Channel 4 and MTV alleged mistreatment from Brand, with one saying they felt like they were working as a “pimp” for Brand as he asked runners on shows to give his number or directions to his hotel room to young women in the audience.

In a YouTube video ahead of the documentary's broadcast, the 48-year-old denied the allegations, stating that all of his “relationships were consensual.” The platform has since demonetized Brand's channel.

In a statement on Monday, the promoters for Brand's Bipolarisation tour announced they were “postponing these few remaining addiction charity fundraiser shows.” Adding: “We don't like doing it — but we know you'll understand.”

Brand was scheduled to play shows in Windsor, Wolverhampton, and Plymouth this week. Though it's unclear whether these shows will be rescheduled, each venue said they will issue refunds.

Russell Brand Dropped by Management and Publisher

Russell Brand was dropped by Tavistock Wood Management Agency on Sunday, with the company adding they had been “horribly misled” by him.

Bluebird, due to publish Brand's next book in 2025, also said Monday that it was suspending its pending publications with the influencer.

“These are very serious allegations, and in light of them, Bluebird has taken the decision to pause all future publishing with Russell Brand,” the company said.

Channel 4 has confirmed episodes of Big Brother's Big Mouth and The Great British Bake Off, which featured Brand, have been removed from its streaming service.

“We have asked the production company who produced the programs for Channel 4 to investigate these allegations and report their findings properly and satisfactorily to us,” the broadcaster said. “Channel 4 is also conducting its own internal investigation, and we would encourage anyone who is aware of such behavior to contact us directly.”