Congressman George Santos Stole $3,000 From Dying Dog

Freshman Congressman George Santos can't stay out of the news lately.

In the latest chapter of a tale filled with alleged lies, deceptions, and exaggerations, George Santos has been accused of stealing money from a GoFundMe campaign meant to save the life of a dying dog. Two veterans from New Jersey say Santos offered to help them raise money for their pet – and then disappeared, taking $3,000 from the GoFundMe in the process.

The veterans' dog didn't survive.

Many in social media are in an uproar over the latest development in a seemingly never-ending parade of George Santos allegations and uncovered lies. This news comes just a day after Santos had been assigned to his first-ever House committees by his Republican colleagues.

This Twitter user proclaims that “more we learn about Santos, the worse he gets” after passing along the news to his followers:

Feelings of disbelief surrounding George Santos have been circulating throughout social media in recent weeks:

This Twitter user doesn't understand how Santos still remains a Congressman after so many lies have been uncovered lately:

Some users, like aintscarylarry, took the comedic route and made a joke at Santos' expense, referencing the Congressman's recent House committee assignment.

User jasonselvig points out that many in the GOP pushed a false narrative last week, overshadowing the latest allegations surrounding Santos:

George Santos is approaching meme territory, as many users have made similar jokes to TheRickWilson over the past month:

There are some on Twitter who are looking for Republicans to make a stand against the lies of Santos:

Even the rock band Eve 6 got into the action, sarcastically saying it would be fine if George Santos used one of their songs for any future campaigns

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