Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: Springing Into a Spending Fast

Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: Springing Into a Spending Fast |

Ahh…Spring is in the air! It's the PERFECT time of year to open your windows and let the fresh breeze and the sunshine in! It's also the perfect time to redo your budget and attack debt head-on! The winter holidays are over and it's not quite swimsuit or vacation time. In my experience, this is the time when I get lazy and slack off. But I don't want to slack off with my Spending Fast and neither do you! Our debt opponent isn't paying attention! Get 'em with a leg sweep!

So, what did my leg sweep look like this month?

  • Credit Cards/Personal: $0! (down from $4,998.93)
  • Medical: $1,400 (down from $4,521.62)
  • Student Loans: $24,489.12 (down from $26,000.56)

I was able to put $469.05 toward paying off my debt. Not as damaging to my debt balance as I would've hoped, but it's still better than nothing! I'm still not back to working full-time, so that's been a little discouraging. It's derailing my Spending Fast and debt-free plan. :/ Once everything is back up and running, I should be making huge strides.

For now, though, I'm thankful I have two incredible jobs. Reading Anna's story of her family struggling this past winter has helped me change my perspective. She buckled down and hustled like a boss! So, that's my plan: tighten up my budget in areas where I've become lax, work hard, and get the results I want!

My goal for April might be too lofty, but we'll see. I want to get my medical debt down to $800. If I hit full-time, I can do it! If I don't, well, that's okay. Every little bit counts, right? Stay tuned! 🙂

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