Sasha Banks Returns to Pro Wrestling Months After Quitting WWE

Fans of professional wrestling are rejoicing on Wednesday, as one of the all-time fan favorites in the industry has seemingly made her return.

During New Japan Pro Wrestling's “Wrestle Kingdom 17” event, Sasha Banks made a surprise appearance, attacking women's champion KAIRI after the latter's championship match. Now known as Mercedes Moné, the former WWE Superstar put an end to months of rumors about her status in the pro wrestling world.

In May 2022, Sasha Banks quit WWE mid-show in protest of her character's creative direction after spending the majority of her career signed to the world's biggest and most well-known professional wrestling company.

Twitter users were in a celebratory mood as soon as the news broke that Sasha had made an appearance for NJPW, with users like SimonMiller316 taking the time to appreciate the moment and its impact in wrestling's history:

For any wrestler, leaving WWE is a risky proposition, but it seems like it has already paid off for Sasha, who was commended for her bravery by this Twitter user:

Fans around the world have appreciated the evolution of the WWE Sasha Banks character to the Mercedes Moné persona she unveiled in New Japan Pro Wrestling:

Twitter user TheEnemiesPE3 had nothing but good things to say about Sasha Banks' new look, and judging by the amount of likes this tweet received, many people agreed:

This lucky fan seemed to have the good fortune of snapping the first-ever selfie with Mercedes Moné, and it looks like Mercedes herself enjoyed it as well:

For many wrestling fans, the 8-month absence of Sasha Banks was a tough pill to swallow. Users like quinnbvk was happy that the “suffering” was finally over after Wrestle Kingdom 17:

Just a few days before her Wrestle Kingdom 17 appearance, this Twitter user noticed that Sasha took time to thank her ex-employer on social media, setting the stage for her comeback to the wrestling scene:

Other users shared feelings of excitement and happiness for the ex-Sasha Banks, obviously glad that the wrestling star is living out her dreams on her terms:

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