Utility Bills – Save Money in 8 Simple Ways

How to comprehensively reduce utility bills

Utilities aren’t cheap. So how you reduce utility bills? 

 The average American spends $111.67 on them a year—according to a report from 2017.

If you’re going to save money on electricity bills and gas bills, you’ve got to be strategic about it.

 In this writing we’ll briefly explore eight strategies you can use to cut those bills down substantially—you might even eliminate them, if you want to go that far.

1. Reduce your regular use of electricity and water

This is the most basic and straightforward method to pursue: just reduce how much you use things like water and electricity which comes from the grid.

  • Certainly it’s easy to say something like that; but you can take basic steps.
  •  Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth.
  • Don’t leave things plugged in if you’re not using them. Such steps help.

Save water by not leaving the tap running. #saveenergy #savemoneyutilities

2. Consider green options like solar energy

You can acquire a complete solar energy array for $10k or less if you do the installation work yourself.

This will bring as much as $29k in property value, depending on how well you install the system.

Solar energy is stored in batteries.

You’ll need to buy a number of them and sequence them together.

Golf cart batteries do the trick fine.

Essentially, you install 31 to 50 panels at 100 Watts a piece (or save money with bigger panels), then funnel them through a surge controller into your batter array. You run your battery array through a power inverter to your home’s power supply.

Solar panels can save you a small fortune over time and preserve world resources #saveenergy #gogreen #ecofriendly #utilitybills

3. Rain barrels can save money on your water bill

A rain barrel that stores 500 gallons will, after you install pumps and filtration apparatuses, cost you around $1 per gallon.

You can get six of them properly installed so rain goes to them, and that water gets into your home’s system, for about $3k—again, if you do it right.

This won’t totally eliminate your need for water, but it will reduce your monthly costs substantially.

4. Get the cheapest available utility plan

There is generally more than one available electricity plan in any given community.

You can peruse them and find options that are less expensive than those provided initially through whatever grid hookups the home you’ve purchased comes with.

 You can find plans ranging from 6.1 cents per kWh to 12.3 on the following website http://texaselectricityplans.com/.

5. Change your regular activity to reduce energy usage

Much of the activity people have on a daily basis involves using electricity unnecessarily.

You can reduce such usage by simply being conscious of it.

 Also, you can buy devices which are designed to use less energy.

 Have you heard of gravity lamps?

They use a weight like a cuckoo clock to charge them.

When the light wanes, you reset the weight. Free energy.

6. Charge LEDs using solar arrays for night use

Combining energy saving techniques can make a lot of sense too.

  • For example, if you’ve got LEDs, plug them into a solar array during the day to charge, then set them out when things get dark amidst illumination from candles.
  •  Use a lot of mirrors to compound light. 

Do this right, and you’ll have enough to read by until the sun comes up—and totally free.

7. When you leave a room, turn out the lights to save electricity

This is a simple one, but it bears mentioning: when you’re not using something that requires electricity, turn it off.

If you leave a room, turn the lights off behind you.

Get into the habit and you’ll see your utility bill drop.

8. Manage interior atmospheres without HVAC strategically

  • Close the windows during the day and draw the curtains. 
  • At night, open them up.
  • At dawn, close them and draw the curtains.
  • You’ll bring in the cool air and keep it through most the day, reducing your reliance on HVAC.
  • In winter, open the shades and keep things buttoned up perpetually. If you’ve got a furnace or a fireplace, use that in winter also.

Cutting Costs Conveniently

It’s possible to cut your utility bill in half, or even entirely eliminate it—provided you’re conscientious, savvy, and diligent.

Managing HVAC usage, your electricity habits, and available green options can be helpful.

LEDs save energy and can be charged from solar arrays.

Rain barrels are quite useful, and there are many other methods to consider.

Figure out which work best for you and put them into practice.

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