10 Scams From Society People Accept as ‘Normal’ But They’re Not

Society often presents scenarios and situations as normal, despite the fact that they don't work. Retirement, religion, government, these and plenty of other options are on the table when it comes to items people envision as scams even though they're accepted as part of a ‘normal' society.

Twitter users had plenty to say on the topic and these our the top ten choices for issues or scenarios that people generally accept as normal, even though everyone knows they're getting scammed.

Twitter user Nathalie Jacoby, @nathaliejacoby1, asked the original question: “What's 100% a total scam, but we still accept it in society? It didn't take long for users to start posting their thoughts and opinions.

@BabsVan thinks the 401K system is a fraud.

@wolfejosh doesn't hold much stock in ‘supernatural dictators.'

User @joshuamcclure had a whole list to answer this question.

@TheMrMilan isn't the only one who thinks credit scores fit this situation.

User @Karengeier thinks Capitalism is a total scam.

User @suggswriter thinks health insurance should be a human right.

@ToddMitchem is not a fan of government.

@eagle4congress thinks the justice system needs attention.

@GeeScottSr thinks the child support system needs an overhaul.

One Twitter user @madeline_ryan97 thinks the value of a college degree is highly inflated.

@heatherAtaylor isn't the only one who thinks the stock market is a total fraud.

User @zainabshah and a few other users think money is definitely a scam.

@SheridanWriter and a few other posters think crypto is a complete fraud.

Twitter user @kayyorkcity thinks the 9-5 workday is a con.

Societal norms reach into our lives on a daily basis and structure much of how we see the world. Whether it's our 9-5 work day, dealing with laws that govern our lives, or tracking how we spend our money; these perceptions make up how we move in society.

Even when we know innately that something isn't worth our time or effort, we accept that to live a ‘normal' life in society, these ‘scams' are part and parcel of living with the status quo of society.

If you could add to this list, what ‘fraud' would you attribute to the basic workings of society's norms?

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