School Live Season 2: Will It Ever Return?

School Live is a manga series written by Nitroplus' Norimitsu Kaiho and illustrated by Sadoru Chiba. The series was serialized from 2012 to 2019 in the Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine and is licensed in English by Yen Press.

An anime adaptation then was made by Lerche, aired between July and September 2015. A live-action movie adaptation was released on 25th January 2019.

School Live Plot

School Live Season 2

Yuki Takeya loves her school so much that she does not want to ever leave. Megurigaoka Private High School is a unique and lively place where Yuki enjoys her carefree life as a third-year high school student and member of the School Living Club. The club, consisting of the president Yuuri Wakasa, the athletic Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the mature junior Miki Naoki, the supervising teacher Megumi Sakura, and the club dog Taroumaru, prides itself on making the most of life at school. On top of meeting after classes, the members must live within school grounds, from sleeping over to eating meals. This series also promote independence and self-determination.

School Live Season 2: Will It Ever Happen?

School Live Season 2 Release Date

School Live Season 2
School Live

The first season of School Live became an instant hit after its release. It received good reviews both from critics and viewers. The anime adaptation also became popular enough to increase the sales of its manga. Upon this fact, fans assumed that there will be School Live Season 2 soon. Sadly, almost six years have passed, yet Lerche (Given, Kino’s Journey) hasn't given any official announcement on School Live Season 2.

Anime adaptations indeed tend to act as mere advertisements to their source of materials. So usually, they are concluded after the first season, to make anime viewers read its source material if they want more content. As of now, the School Live manga is still ongoing. Thus, there's still hope for the fans to get a School Live Season 2.

As of now, none of the production companies have confirmed the arrival of School Live Season 2. It is more likely for the new season to be released in mid-2022.

Is There Enough Content for School Live Season 2?

School Live Season 2

Unlike original anime, adaptations depend on their source material quite a lot. Fortunately, even though the first season covers so many chapters from the manga, it often went off the plot and featured original content as well. Not to mention, the first season only adapts until volume 5 chapter 30. Since the manga already has 12 volumes, fans still have hope to see School Live Season 2.